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  • Answer: It does.
    By use of sulfurtransferases residing within the body: Rhodanese and 3 Mercapto pyruvate.

    Rhodanese cleaves a sulfur ion from a donor substrate (usually a thiol) to Cyanide which forms Thiocyanate. It can be then easily excreted into the urine.

    Mercaptopyruvate donates its own sulfur ion to Cyanide to form pyruvate and thiocyanate.
  • Answer: Cyanide is a controlled substance due to its poisonous nature. You can purchase it online, but the sale of cyanide is controlled and you will be required to provide certain information to the supplier.
  • Answer: I need help on finding out how cyanide effects the body
  • Answer: A compound containing the cyanide ion (CN-) as: HCN,KCN, NaCN.
  • Answer: Symbol KCN?Because of the presence of the CN-, and the high reactivity of K+, it is in my option that it would be HIGHLY poisonous.I would not in any way suggest ingestion...but hey, if you can find someone who has survived it...ask them
  • Answer: Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) was identified in cigarettes smoke but very probably the concentration is not important for health.

    Far more significant is the nicotine content of cigarettes. Nicotine is a deadlier posion (by ld50) and is also addictive.
  • Answer: If you know you have been intentionally poisoned by thesesubstances, you need to contact poison control immediately. Afteryou have been treated properly, you should contact localauthorities.
  • Answer: Quite much so!

    It is extremely dangerous.
    Not only to human beings. Most living organisms suffer great adverse effects from this and a quick painfull death is most certain with too much of it.

    Cyanide salts are among the most rapidly acting of all known poisons. Cyanide is a potent inhibitor of respiration, acting on mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase and hence blocking electron transport. This results in decreased oxidative metabolism and oxygen utilization. Lactic acidosis then occurs as a consequence of anaerobic metabolism.

    Sodium Cyanide have been utilized as a drug for cancer (with positive results however some contradictions)
    Cyanide as in Vitamin B17 may have a most positive effect on cancer and has proven to extend life expectancy in terminal ill patients.
    Edgar Cayce recommended eating three raw almonds a day (for their cyanide content) as a means of cancer prevention in healthy patients.
    The theory is that Cyanide found in some kernels (Apricot kernels) is surrounded by sugar. As cancer cells are high consumers of sugar, they eat the sugar and release the cyanide, hence killing them self in this process of being "greedy".
    We can not dismiss the positive effect of certain poisons when used "correctly".
    All substances are dangerous in too large quantities. Even water.
    Botulinum Toxin is so dangerous that only 270 nano grams is enough to kill an adult. Still this toxin have found its way into medical use. "Botox" is injected by many people today so that they can look younger even at an "old" age.

    Please read more at related links below.
  • Answer: Because they disable the respiratory chain the in the mitochondria of your cells. In effect, they make your cells unable to use oxygen to produce energy.
  • Answer: Cyanide prevents Oxygen from attaching to the Hemoglobin in blood. Even though the person is breathing they are not getting adequate perfusion to the cells. This leads to Hypoxia and eventually cell death ultimatelyorgan failure and patient death.
  • Answer: One seed, no.

    However given enough seeds and a close environment - the effects of the cyanide are cumulative!.

Effects of cyanide?

  • death?

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  • Answer: death?
  • Answer: Cyanide can be easily purchased off the internet. However, this isa very dangerous substance they can easily kill human beings ifingested.
  • Answer: It is in apple pips and it tastes like almonds
  • Answer: Cyanide act as a inhibitor of ETC (electron tranport chain) which ultimately cause the inhibition of production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) i.e. why cyanide work as poison.
    Cyanide is a deadly poison because it disrupts the cellular respiration, quickly inhibiting the cytochrome C oxydase, an enzyme found in mitochondria - this phenomenon is very important for the oxygenation of the brain.

  • Answer: Cyanides are fast-acting and can be lethal. Upon exposure, cyanidequickly enters the bloodstream. In small doses, cyanide in the bodycan be changed into thiocyanate, which is less harmful and isexcreted in urine. In the body, cyanide in small amounts can alsocombine with another chemical to form vitamin B12, which helpsmaintain healthy nerve and red blood cells. However, in largedoses, the body cannot convert cyanide into thiocyanate. Largedoses of cyanide prevent cells from using oxygen, which causes celldeath. The heart, respiratory system and central nervous system aremost susceptible to cyanide poisoning.
  • Answer: Cyanide forms an extremely tight bond with iron. It reacts with the iron in your red blood cells to a point that the cell can no longer carry oxygen, Therefore, you literally suffocate to death in a very short period of time.
  • Answer: We can find it in Cigarettes.
  • Answer: iw. yuck. no. erggh.
  • Answer: This is a compound of hydrocyanic acid with a base and is distinguished from cyanide.This is a compound of hydrocyanic acid with a base and is distinguished from cyanide.
  • Answer: Rupture cell wall
  • Answer: Cyanide is contained in several common foods. Some of those foodsare almonds, spinach, soy, and lima beans. There is no need forconcern, because it would be virtually impossible to eat asufficient quantity of these foods for toxicity to occur.
  • Answer: Yes, most plants contain cyanic glucoside which the body will then break down into cyanide gas during digestion. Some of us have the ability to taste it, and in turn will spit it out, but not all of us do. To some, it has no taste, so there is no warning(for those who cant taste it) telling them not to eat it.
  • Answer: are you crazy do you want to kill yourself dont be crazy enjoy life and chew on some gum like candy and just enjoy life never commit sucide
  • Answer: The Symbol for Cyanide is CN-

    The C is for Carbon, and the N for nitrogen.
  • Answer: if my studys are correct it takes about a 1/2 cup of cyanide.