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  • Answer: yes, but its better to wait until its proven successful.
  • Answer: I believe that the ovary carries the egg, which later drops through the Fallopian tubes, and into the uterus, where it attaches to the other walls, waiting to be fertilized by sperm, where it growns into a child, or to be dropped during the menstrual cycle, normally in the first two weeks.
  • Answer: A seed pod.
  • Answer: what does it mean if your ovary is tilted
  • Answer: superior/epigyneous ovary bec. the ovary is located above the origin of sepals/petals
  • Answer: FSH and LH along with protesterone and estrogen
  • Answer: no one knows but i would see a doctor
  • Answer: Female ova (eggs)
  • Answer: Its polycystic and not polytheistic ovary. Its the most common endocrine disorder in females in the reproductive age group. The cause is unknown and is probably related to certain genes. The symtoms vary from no ovulation, secondary infertility, hirsutism, acne, excessive facial hair, irregular menses, pain, heaviness of abdomen, obesity etc.
  • Answer: Its something to do with pollen going down the style into the ovary to be germinated. It is also a place where the egg or the ovule devolops.
  • Answer: stores/ makes the eggs?
  • Answer: No, the pituitary Gland produces FSH, which is then carried to the Ovaries in your blood stream
  • Answer: Pain in the right ovary oftn occurs with PCOS as the folicles increase. Each year one should get a pelvic ultrasound done to monitor the behaviour of PCOS which can also influence cysts in the ovaries. Be in constant visit with a gyne.
  • Answer: You likely would not be able to donate an ovary. Since the ovary is not a life-sustaining organ, she can live without hers. If you transplant an organ, then the recipient of the donated organ would have to have her immune system suppressed for the rest of her life to keep her from rejecting the ovary. During that time, if she were to become pregnant, the baby would likely also be recognized as a foreign entity in her body. This would cause her body to try reject the baby. Being pregnant with a suppressed immune system would not be feasible either. Perhaps a more reasonable approach would be for your to carry a baby for her as a surrogate mother.
  • Answer: The matured ovary of a plant is a fruit.

What is the functional activity of the ovary controlled by?

  • Anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, which produces the gonadotropic hormones FSH and LH.

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