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  • Answer: To "get in your pants" means to have sex with you.
  • Answer: if he always brings you up in conversation... if you see him look at you everyday.. or hide behinds corners.. or is juust a guy who wants to have sex and get your attention.
  • Answer: I wear my pants down low cause it fells nice looks nice and sexy :) and it is just cool when i see antoher people with and i can see there pants I smile! It is just nice!

    Ifr you mean wearing your pants so everyone can see you underwear; then it is a style coming from death row were the inmates used(i do not know if this is still the case) to have their shoe laces belts and any other string or rope like objects confiscated so they could not hang themselves thus their pants fell down.
  • Answer: Try a thrift store.
  • Answer: you can get skinny leather pants at nordstrom!
  • Answer: One can buy camo pants from any online websites, these pants aregenerally wear by sports person. You can buy these pants from anyonline shopping sites which are well known for selling the sportsequipment and dress. You can buy these camo pants fromarmyplusworld, amazon, ebay and saffordsportinggoods etc. Thesesites are providing camo pants in best price range.
  • Answer: dear people that want to buy leather pants you get them from a shop at your local shopping centre
  • Answer: Sagging pants is a personal choice that guys can make. Most girls, however, agree that this practice is odd to look at, and would prefer to look at a cute butt.

    Guys sag because they think girls think its hot. But to most girls its weird

  • Answer: Where ever you live i guess.. just as long as its popular (: shuffle pants are in the expensive hip-hop shops.
    They are very rare( that might be why you cant find any ) thanks for taking my advice..
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Answer: The body will excrete all waste upon expiration - so, when you die you will void your bladder and your bowels.
  • Answer: Yea man they are the things you wear that are longer than shorts and reach your feet.

    A:Ask any tired dog...
  • Answer: Tell them you have 2 bills of $100 there, and the first one to pull your pants down can have em!

How do you a girl pee her pants?

  • if we need to pee, it just flows out

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