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Where does the Carnival Cruise Ship go to?

  • Carnival Cruise Line has many ships. They routinely sail in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and the Mexican Riviera. However, they also sail to other locations. Contact a travel agent for schedules of a specific Carnival ship.

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  • Answer: Carnival Cruise Line has many ships. They routinely sail in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and the Mexican Riviera. However, they also sail to other locations. Contact a travel agent for schedules of a specific Carnival ship.
  • Answer: Major cruise lines have thought of most everything that you will need for your vacation. You do not have to worry about driving or flying from place to place. They take you there. The food is usually excellent and plentyful. They understand that you have paid them and they work for you. You can plan out your trip or you can follow their schedule and enjoy. Almost everything has been thought of and taken care of for you. If you suffer from motion sickness, a large cruise ship moves around a lot less than a smaller one. Most people I have talked to speak very highly of their cruises. Every now and then you may hear a horror story about some experience. It happens.
    Taking your family, closest friends or just going on a cruise on your own can be fun and exciting. You will be able to visit fun exotic places and eat lots of cuisines from different countries. You will also meet many different people of different language and culture and buy lots of souvenirs. This can be experienced either on shore or while on board a cruise ship as cruise ships offer a lot of exquisite food and luxurious services. Since most of your time would be spent on the ship, you should also enjoy every part of it as most of the best time of your trip will occur on the ship.Once you arrive at the port before your ship leaves, you can leave your luggage on baggage handlers and start exploring the ship. When went on board your ship, you will be assured that your bags will be there.One of the best experience that you will have on board is the food. World class chefs offers exquisite cuisines originating from different countries. Most cruise offers a lot of Mediterranean food if you would be sailing to the Mediterranean, depending on the path of your cruise, the offered food choices may vary. Most cruise ships will arrange your seat with other passengers during meals to keep you active socially and to give you a chance to make friends with other passengers on the ship.A cruise ship may include a lot of means of entertainment on board. Most of this is available at night. There are one or more bars and lounges open to keep the passengers in a good mood and have another chance to mingle. Casinos are also available at most ships with all the standard gambling tables and slot machines. There are also some programmes scheduled at night where in passengers can dress in fancy or formal clothes and take pictures while watching a show or dancing to the beautiful music of the on board band or orchestra. Dinner, of course, would be more elegant and fancier those nights.There are a lot of fun things to do as well during the morning aside from to enjoy the cruise and the exotic views that it can give, the sunrise or the sunset. Cruise ships have one to three pools, some with watersides or a diving board, that are open for the passengers. Since most passengers would like to pamper themselves, spa and gym amenities are also present. Guests can keep their health up in the gym and enjoy a variety of comforting services at the spa after wards. Although each room are equipped with a television, some cruise ships also have a theater for movies and opera. Miniature gold are also present at some ships. A library is also offered for those who loves to reads book and computers with internet access for those who likes to stay connected on the outside world.These are the few things that you can enjoy on board a cruise ship and surely, you would enjoy the travel more as services like tours, onshore excursions and shopping are available onshore.
  • Answer: Which one? They have lots of them that range up to over 3000 passengers.
  • Answer: Royal Caribbean International the Allure of the Seas.
  • Answer: The Carnival Glory cruise ship is a family oriented cruise ship. It heads to the Eastern and Western Caribbean waters and the local islands found therein.
  • Answer: The 1st Carnival Cruise was theMardi Gras. It was built in 1961 and its maiden voyage was in 1972. It was discontinued in 1993.
  • Answer: The Mardi Gras, which actually ran aground during its maiden voyage
  • Answer: According to Carnival Cruise Line, the Carnival Miracle is 963 feetin length.
  • Answer: The Carnival Spirit cruise ship weight about 86,000 tons. The length of this ship is 963 feet. This ship can carry over 2,100 guests and 930 employees.
  • Answer: Carnival Valor cruise ships have a fantastic range of features. These include a coffee bar, comedy club, stage shows, shopping, casino, and much, much more.
  • Answer: Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas
  • Answer: Carnival Glory cruise ship sails to the Bahamas, New England, Canada, Eastern Caribbean, and Western Caribbean. The cruise ship was launched in 2004. It is one of the "Fun Ships".
  • Answer: Some amenities on the Carnival Destiny cruise ship include a spacious casino, a spa and fitness center as well as a wide variety of entertainment and dining options.