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  • Answer: A home inspection by a qualified home inspector hired by the buyer is a night and day difference from an FHA inspection.
    FHA inspectors are there to protect the lender. A home inspector is there to protect you.
    If you hire a home inspector to protect you make sure you hire one who:Allow agents to influence how inspection findings are conveyed to clients.
    Reward or compensate anyone for referring clients.
    Produce any marketing material designed for or aimed at agents.
    Solicit real estate agents with the intent of obtaining inspection referrals.
    Give "sales" presentations to real estate agents about our inspection services.

    80% or more of home inspectors get all or most of their work from Realtors. If those home inspectors actually tell you what is wrong with the home and clearly state the significance of their findings and you do not buy the house the realtor no longer provides that inspectors name to future buyers and the inspectors business suffers.

    Some inspection companies actually care more about the client than the realtor. You must search out inspection companies who care only about you or you may get stuck paying for problems later on.

    I own Accurate Inspections, Inc., We have put our clients first since 1993,
    56 Woodland Drive, West Paterson, N. J. 07424 (973) 812-5100
  • Answer: because they give people a higher education and more class attention from teachers. As well as the teaching discipline is more enforced.
    I go to a private school and the opportunities are amazing. The sports, extracurricular activities and everything is just amazing!
     Public schools are better because you can save thousands of dollars!!!
  • Answer: In order for the Canadian to marry the American in the US, the Canadian must be legally present in the United States. Not just visiting. If this is not the case, the American can file a Fiancee visa which lasts for 9 months at which time the wedding must have taken place.
    From there the American will have to file a I-130 plus supporting documentation which is available on the USCIS website. There are many different situations and many different forms that can be filed so I would recommend checking out
    Once all documentation is sent it, it takes approx 3 months for the paperwork to be processed and at that time you and your spouse will have to go to an interview. At the time of the interview they should stamp your passport and then you will just wait patiently for your card to come in the mail.

    I was told Just a visa for her and a state ID for you and must be over 18 or 16 wqith parents consent
  • Answer: Melting is the result of enough heat energy being transferred INTO an object to turn it into a liquid. Freezing is the result of enough heat energy being transferred OUT of a liquid to turn it into a solid.Melting and freezing are not as much of a "process" as they are a result.For example: When you put water into the freezer, the heat energy in the warm water is transferred into the colder air, which causes the water to freeze. That process causes the air in the freezer to warm up slighltly. The process of refridgeration then transfers that heat out of the freezer, which makes the air in the freezer nice and cold again.
  • Answer: synthetic process: fertilizer or paintanalytic process: extracting aluminium from ore called bauxite
  • Answer: Constructive forces are generally slow.
  • Answer: has created this site that details the process to becoming a process server in each state in the US. Since the rules change quickly and often, be sure to check out the related link below for the most up to date information for process serving laws in CA.
  • Answer: substansive due process is the promise of the fundamental rights that are implicit in ordered societyprocedural due process is the promise of fundamental fairness in legal proceedings
    In general, substantive due process prohibits the government from infringing on fundamental constitutional liberties. By contrast, procedural due process refers to the procedural limitations placed on the manner in which a law is administered, applied, or enforced. Thus, procedural due process prohibits the government from arbitrarily depriving individuals of legally protected interests without first giving them notice and the opportunity to be heard.
  • Answer: once an action has been planned, it becomes necessary to monitor results to determine if the plan is progressing as desired. At times you must interject some action to tweek the plan to get it back under control. The controlling function thus assists in keeping your plan on track
  • Answer: It is similar with defecation only in that both help to overcome nitrogenous wastes in the body. Defecation helps to pass out the solid wastes. But defecation can not be called excretion on the physiological grounds as the waste does not cross any semipermeable membrane as is required in the process of excretion.
  • Answer: It is the process that international standard organisation uses to heat the water they use to make coffee.

    Basically Fill kettle, switch on, get cup put some coffee in, when kettle boils, pour into cup to 3/4 full add milk and stir, some of them will add sugar too
  • Answer: fork gives a 0 value for child process and non zero for parentprocess

What are the Details and timings of inspection process for schools?

  • Can you provide more detail as to the country your in as there are considerable differences in the inspection types and styles

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