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Why do sunburns peel?

  • Because the skin is damaged and your body needs to remove it to replace it with new healthy skin.

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  • Answer: Because the skin is damaged and your body needs to remove it to replace it with new healthy skin.
  • Answer: yes .. !!
    just make it ....

    - by akira ... :D
  • Answer: You can go to Wal*Mart and get Lanacaine, Latacaine, or Dermoplast and spray that on you and take a Tylenol and try to lay down
  • Answer: you cant get rid of sunburn straight away, it takes a few days to get rid of it, but it also depends on how many lays of skin you have burnt.
    but i found when i had sunburn that t really hurt to make a strong cup of black tea and when it is cold use a cloth and put it on the burn. it really helps and it makes it a lot less red.
    i hope this helped you:)
  • Answer: Well its just like keeping your hand on the eye of a stove, its gets all red and its hurts sometimes it peel it depends on how long you held it on there. So same thing with a sunburn except with the sun its gets all red and it hurts and sometimes it peels it only depends how bad it is. And so remember always wear your sunscreen and be safe with your skin.
  • Answer: Yes, but it still would be better not to get sunburn in the first place.
  • Answer: Sunburns feel warm due to the response your body has to injury. Burns cause inflammation - so the area swells and more blood is sent in response. This blood carries your body heat to the surface causing the area to feel warmer to the touch than normal. This is also one of the reasons the area appears redder than normal as well.
  • Answer: This is what I do:

    • take a bath & pour cold water on the burn
    • put moisturizers on the burn (vitamins C &
    E helps alot)
    • put on moisturizer every thirty minutes
    until redness has reduced
  • Answer: Absolutely! The tannic acid in Black Tea helps relieve the pain, as well as the tea itself helping to soothe and cool the skin. You can apply it, and let it dry and soak into your skin and you should see results in the morning. Reapply as needed.
  • Answer: Aloe vera gel seems to help me alot.
  • Answer: Put aloe vera on it,then wear a shirt to cover it up or hat.
  • Answer: HI, um. To answer your question, there are a few blacks who do get sunburned. Although they are few and far in b/w.THANKS FOR ASKING-ALEXIS BLAIR HERE TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION ANY TIME
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  • Answer: the sun has UVA or UVB rays and if u are in the carribean wear alot of sunscreen and stay in shade for a short pieriod of time.
  • Answer: Yes. The dark spots on the peel are usually classified as a sunburn mark.Yay! This person is right!
  • Answer: It depends on how large the burned skin surface is, and the severity of the burn.

    1st Degree Burns, characterized by pain, redness and sometimes swelling, tend to fade within 5 to 7 days, with pain receding gradually over that time. Pain may yield to itching, dryness and peeling of the skin. Best treated with cooling, moisturizing gels containing Aloe. Avoid greasy, petrolatum based ointments.

    2nd Degree Burns, are typically more painful, and may include blisters, are more severe and will take longer to heal. Avoid breaking blisters and putting dressings on those that have already burst.

    Any burn that is larger than 25% percent of the body surface, involves the palmar surfaces of the hands, involves the plantar (bottom) surfaces of the feet or involves genitalia (as happens in nude sunbathing), should be seen immediatly by a doctor.

    Quick Tip: Assess the size of a burn by using your hand. Count how many "hands" it would take to to cover all the burns on a patient, and multiply that number by 9. This will give you a good approximation of the total burned surface area. For ANYBODY with a BSA of 25% or greater, notify EMS and get the person treated immediately!