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How can you breathe out more CO2?

  • Breathe out for longer.

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  • Answer: Yes, of course, but the lungs and mucus act as filters for particles that could be dangerous to the lungs
  • Answer: you breathe in something called oxygen and then breathe out something called carbon dioxide. Inside your body the oxygen gets running through your blood vessels ans heart and muscles. then even though you breathe in a bit of carbon dioxide- you breathe more out than in! :)
  • Answer: We breath out Carbon Dioxide gas which has the symbol CO2

    It contains one atom of Carbon and two of Oxygen
  • Answer: u breathe out CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is absorbed by plants and used in photosynthesis to create oxygen for us
  • Answer: We Breathe in a mixture of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and exhale Carbon Dioxide
  • Answer: Breathing is an automatic muscular event, however there are breathing exercises that can be taught that will give you a more expansive inspiration and expiration. Dr. Andrew Weil has a breathing exercise CD that you can find. I found it helpful.
  • Answer: We draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs.
  • Answer: No.
  • Answer: inhale oxygen
  • Answer: Oxygen in, Carbon Dioxide out.

    Another answer

    Breathing breathes in the atmosphere: not the whole atmosphereobviously, but its composition. Breathing in occursbecause of the necessity of oxygen-entrance and breathing outoccurs because of the necessity of carbon dioxide-exit.

    The air consists of 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen and 0.04% carbondioxide and equally tiny percentages of other gases. We breathe inthis 79% nitrogen and breathe out an equal percentage. We breathein 21% oxygen and breathe out 16% oxygen. We breathe in 0.04%carbon dioxide and breathe out 4-5% carbon dioxide.
  • Answer: Breathing is an absolute necessity to life. When a person breathes,the lungs exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen. Oxygen is necessaryfor human life.
  • Answer: Carbon dioxide
    Water vapor
    (and believe it or not you also breath out Oxygen - although less than you breathed in).
  • Answer: You need to breathe in oxygen and you need to breathe out carbon dioxide.
  • Answer: You breath through a respiratory system for short you breath through your lungs
  • Answer: its called carbon dioxide. i belive its toxic, but i dont really know