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How can you lose 1 stone in a week?

  • If you attempt to lose 1 stone (14lbs) per week, you are putting yourself at risk for serious physical problems. Always consult a health care professional before going on a diet.

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  • Answer: follow this diet.

    ___day___ __brekfast__ __lunch__ __dinner__
    1 l dry toast l fresh fruit l 2 boiled eggs l
    2 l grapefruit l fresh fruit l grilled steak+salad l
    3 l special k l kfc happy meal :P l l
    4 l boiled egg l l l
    5 l l l l
    6 l l l l
    7 l l l l
  • Answer: That is losing weight way too fast. If you are losing that much weight, without trying, you may be ill.
  • Answer: You Can lose a stone in a week by not eating anything an sarving yourself to death!!! Just Kidding! lolAll you have to do is do this everyday! eat these foods!BREAKFAST: Dry Toast, water, GrapefruitLUNCH: Grilled Carrots and wholemeal bread( plain ), orange juiceDINNER: grilled chicken, salad, fresh fruit, this every single day, its easy and DONT eat anything in-between! try jogging an walking aswell! but drink water all the time! at least drink 8l a day!
  • Answer: Exercise daily, scientists say that a person should exercise atleast one hour every day, many people do not exercise this much, to help lose weight i advise you to walk as often as you can (to work, or walk the dog/cat/animal of some kind/your family) go jogging in the morning and evenings, consult your GP and he should give you infromation about what pills to take. Subscribe to your nearest GYM and instead of snacking on crisps snack on fruit and eat a range of foods, i advise to take a couple of spoons less of your daily meals every week until you reach your target weight, after you do this make sure that you do not go back to your old manner of eating and not exerciseing, OH and drink fluids daily AND DO NOT FORGET TO CONSULT A DCOTOR OR YOUR GP BEFORED DOING THIS.I hope this helped, i am not an expert but i wish to became one in the near future.
  • Answer: If you attempt to lose 1 stone (14lbs) per week, you are putting yourself at risk for serious physical problems. Always consult a health care professional before going on a diet.
  • Answer: It is not possible to lose 2 stone or more in 1 week by any natural means.
  • Answer: eat lots of chocolate
  • Answer: To lose stones and pounds or any amount of weight, u need exercise. most people would say that you should diet, which is not true, as your body is there for you to look after, not starve. U should start of by in the morning going for a jog, lets say around the block, or a fast power walk. then you should do all your house stuff or go to work. when your free again, book your self in for an aqua aerobics session at your local leisure centre. these classes are very good, for loosing calories. if you are free in the afternoon, its good to go swimming, cycling, or just to the gym as these increase your fitness and help you burn your calories. there are also many classes are your local leisure centre that you should book yourself in for. if you keep this up regularly, you wont even recognize yourself on the scales after a week. try it, its lots of fun if you have a partner to do it with aswell.
  • Answer: just eat well not junkfood eat fruits vegies and healthy food but not too much! hope I helped
  • Answer: well when you eat a normal balanced diet and then go on an chunk of chocolate a day or apple or a cucumber a day you can tend to loose that much weight but the trouble is, metaolic rate..good luck
  • Answer: follow this diet plan:

    - 1/2 poched eggs with a banana and 1 slice of (healthy as you can find) plain toast and water.
    - small bowl of cornflakes with low fat milk, 1 satsuma and a low fat yoghurt and water.

    - jacket patato, small amount of baked beans, small amount of low fat mild cheese, salad and water.
    - ham, lettuce, tomato and cucumber in plain (healthy as you can get) bread with a banana, and water.

    - healthily cooked meat, brocolli, carrotts, peas, roasted patatos and water.
    - pasta, plain tuna, baked beans, salad and water.

    look up on the internet for other daily food ideas so that you have a wider range of choice if you wish, however hope you found this helpful. also make sure to go running atleast 1 and 1/2 miles atleast 4 times a week, workout/ exerscise daily for atleast an hour and you will be back into shape in no time :)
  • Answer: Before you start losing weight be sure you want to! 5 stone is a lot to lose!Diet:Each day you should have 5 fruit, 5 veg, 2 protein, 1-2 carbs, 3 dairy and one small treat.Exsersize:Do an hour of fitness a day. After each exsersize that is when you eat your treat. Do exsersizes you enjoy so you stick with it. It could be anything like, swimming,football,dancing,bike riding ect.Do this for 3 months...
  • Answer: There is no safe way to lose that much weight in that amount of time. (unless you are considering amputation) Fast weight loss programs are very risky to your health, and will invariably result in the person regaining the lost weigh (and more) within a very short time.
  • Answer: 7 stone 9 pounds is not fat!!!!
    I am 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 7 stone 9 pounds i am also 13, according to a bmi (body mass index) check you and me are only at 17.3 so, me and you are underweight :D, so we better get eating :D
    Umm im 18 years old and female and i weigh 7 stone 11 so not sure. i think i may just be underweight aha. but i think for your age it should be about right, but probably slightly underweight cause my brothers 13 and he weighs over 8 stone.

    mmhmm i checked ur bmi and ur slightly obese... cardio exercise and a nice diet would help
  • Answer: It depends on how heavy the child is . If it is over 10 kilograms plus the child is 8 years old it will be healthy but if it was only about 4 kilograms they could die!