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  • Answer: lift up her shirt.
  • Answer: A belly button killer is defined as ejaculation. In some countries the process of ejaculation into the belly button is considered against religious beliefs. Therefore, they consider the ejaculation to be killing it.
  • Answer: For your belly button to be bleeding (and assuming that you are not a new-born baby whose umbilical cord has just been cut) it has to have been injured. If you sleep on an old, worn-out spring mattress, sometimes the springs poke through the mattress and they can cut you in unusual places. Or you have a piercing, and your belly button ring got caught in something, although presumably you would have noticed that. Or you were scratched by your pet cat.
  • Answer: completely yes
  • Answer: Well duh! Of course they do! With the exception of test tube babies.yes they do but sometimes its no big enouf to have a willy growing out of it
  • Answer: While most people have a bally button that is an innie, some peoplehave an outie, which is a belly button what protrudes outward. Thereason for outies is just simply extra scar tissue. They can alsobe caused by umbilical hernias.
  • Answer:
    • Diaphragm
    • Heart
    • lungs
    • larger intestines
    • stomach
    • esophagus
    • valves
    • top half of the spinal nerve
    • brain
    • sinuses
    • eyes
    • muscles
    • bone
    • skin
    • eardrums
    • nerves
    • liver

  • Answer: I heard that its a tiny perforation in the belly button, presumably caused when the umbilical cord was cut at birth. Its an easy conduit for infection into the body so keep it clean but dont put anything in there like alcohol or peroxide.
  • Answer: Yes, it is very likely. Make sure to take proper aftercare steps for quite awhile after being pierced, even with proper cleaning it can get infected.
  • Answer: This is called "omphalitis". Nowadays, it occurs most often from piercings done under nonsterile conditions, or subsequent lack of adequate cleansing of the pierced bellybutton.
  • Answer: it doesnt really matter as long as you have a parent
  • Answer: Any time you suspect you have an infection, you should seek medical help promptly. Signs of localized infections may include: Redness, swelling, pain or tenderness in the affected area, the area may feel hot to the touch, foul smell and oozing of secretions may also be present.

    Do not delay in seeking treatment from your doctor or health care provider.

    Simple precautions are the best way to avoid infections. Wash your hands with soap and hot water thoroughly after using the bathroom or coming into contact with things that may be dirty. Wash out minor scrapes and cuts in a similar manner promptly and bandage immediately afterward.

    Again, do not delay in seeking treatment from your doctor or health care provider.
  • Answer: Answer: Body piercing is not a hobby, it is a serious procedure that can - if performed and treated incorrectly - cause serious injury and infection requiring medical attention. Pierce it yourself kits are irresponsible and dangerous. Please seek the advice and assistance of a trained professional body piercer for all your body piercing requests. What you need to pierce your own belly button is a phone book and some common sense, book an appointment with a professional body piercer. WikiAnswers is not a venue to provide how to instruction that can lead to serious injury through misuse of the information.

    This site is not intended to provide individuals with the ability to harm themselves or others by use of posted information. Consult a professional body piercer.

Does your belly button produce sweat?

  • Answer: bellybutton yes.yes u can produce sweat in hte belly hole because u can find dried dirt in there and so what ir........... ovYOSLY SWEAT THAT CONCLUDES MY ANSWER OF PIE=BLUEBERRY PIE

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