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  • Answer: a tattoo shop. there is one is latonia
  • Answer: well i take it u have hepatitis. Well i clean my body good so i cant help u.
  • Answer: Yes but it is expensive, it can be done by surgery.
  • Answer: Happiness.
  • Answer: Kentucky law requires tattoo artists to register with a local health department and pay a annual fee of $20 per artist and $100 for a tattoo studio certification. Each artist must complete the Tattoo, Body Piercing and Ear Piercing Program which covers state regulations relating to health and cleanliness of places of business, sterilization of tattooing instruments and equipment, procedures to prevent the spread of disease, and the procedures to prevent tattooing of minors without the written and notarized consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Answer: Any popular Japanese or water flowers. Cherry blossoms are probably the most popular to go with koi tattoos. Lotus flowers are also popular.
    although to expand on this answer koi fish normally swim upstream in the fall/winter and those seasons are represented by maple leaves and Chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms and peonies represent spring and summer which is often protrayed with a dragon
  • Answer: You have to be 18 irregardless of marital status.
  • Answer: (in the US) not without parental consent. Any tat artist that performs one on a minor is liable for a criminal charge of assault.
  • Answer: yes, the typical sailor thing of an anchor. i think it was on his biscep
  • Answer: Tattoo is actually a combination of two words from the Polynesian language. The word "Tata" means to tap repeatedly by hand. The word "Au" means color. Due to the way that tattoos are traditionally given, sailors travelling through the polynesian islands would ask for "Tata" "Au". Therefore evolving into one word known as "Tattoo".
  • Answer:
    • Intenze true black holds good and solid for a long time.

    • I find Kuro Sumi black to be great for outline and black/ grey shading, have tried others but always go back to it, as above, the intenze true black works well for tribal. Be carefull buying "ink" online, there has been a lot of fake intenze, starbrite and kuro sumi pigment getting around.

  • Answer: Beacase they permanantly mark their skin for LIFE!!!!!
    Get tattoos in places that can not be seen when you are wearing clothes you wear to work. If they are hidden and you like them then do what makes you happy :]
  • Answer: Tattoo ink can last for life when done properly with quality ink.There are many factors that determine the length of time the inkwill look nice.
  • Answer: It has become trendy to get tattoos of lips. Many people who havethese had someone put lipstick on and kiss a piece of paper so thetattoo artist can replicate their lips permanently onto their body.

Should people be able to get a tattoo under age?

  • yes, they should. Do you?

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