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What is the difference between health consumer and consumer health?

  • A health consumer is one who needs health care and health products and uses money to acquire them. Consumer health is concerned with how healthy and active consumers are in general, on a day-to-day basis.

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  • Answer: A health consumer is one who needs health care and health products and uses money to acquire them. Consumer health is concerned with how healthy and active consumers are in general, on a day-to-day basis.
  • Answer: Making wise decisions about your health is part of self-care and self-responsibility. As health care consumers, we need to make important decisions about the health products we purchase, the health services we select, and the information we receive. Being a wise health care consumer starts with 3 basic principles:
    1. working in partnership with your health care provider.
    2. sharing in health care decisions
    3. becoming skilled at obtaining health care
  • Answer: In my opinion, the common health issues and problems regardinghealth are more arise from the needs of the consumers. Knowledgedeficit about health and how they can prevent disease is one.Another would be awareness of the available treatments and how theycan avail of them. lastly, availability of health personnel thatcan cater to their needs.
  • Answer: Advertising changes the way in which we make choices in life causing us to become unknowingly dependent. Instead of criticizing the input we recieve, we become dependent upon the advertisers who change our behavior with the goal of getting the sale. Over and over we see a repeated message from a corporation that tells us a product has a specific quality and without being critical of the product we simply learn to believe it.

    Pick an example of those new types of butter using monodyglycerides. The long term effects from these types of butters are unknown. Yet we look on the commerical, see a healthy person eating saying "MMMM Smart..." and we bond with the product without any criticism. The danger occurs in that we make the association simply by what the company tells us and surrender our ability to objectivey evaluate its use.

    Cigarette companies told us several messages about smoking. Advertisments stated without using words that it was healthy, sexual, vogue, tasty, adult like and many more qualities. A young person learned to associate these unspoken messages in advertisments and made the choice to smoke without quite knowing why they chose to start.
  • Answer: Health agencies are agencies that focus on the health of their consumers. For you, they will help with all aspects to make you the healthiest person you can be.
  • Answer: Consumer health is a field of study that concerns the informaticsof multiple consumer (or patient) views.
  • Answer: The patient or the person who purchases and uses health care.
  • Answer: Anyone who visits a doctor or takes medicines or even joins a health club or buys vitamins.
  • Answer: Consumer health is the tips and commentaries that providesuggestions and information to help become more careful consumers.The focus in on families, patients, caregivers and the generalpublic.
  • Answer: consumer health means ascertaining that the product we use are those that will keep us in optimal health.
  • Answer: health care advocacy on a wide scale it is a person or persons who go to bat for all of us little folk .they try to get the best health care plans and rates that are effective and affordable. smaller scale, each individual should have a health care advocate assigned in their "living will" so that in case anything drastic occurs and u are not able to advocate (speak) for urself, they legally can do it for u and have ur wishes carried out (i.e. pulling the plug)
    to promote the interest of consumers
  • Answer: Educating the public about health-related topics.
  • Answer: Most people are concerned with their heath. People that go to adoctor, purchase medicine, and health products are considered to bea health consumer.
  • Answer: Health Consumers are those who use health information, products, and services. This groups includes the well, the sick, the young, the middle-aged, the rich and the poor.
  • Answer: researching how to optimize your health and prevent disease
    getting your information from multiple sources
    involvement in your health-related decisions
    understanding of basic organ function, healthy habits, and disease processes