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  • Answer: this is because fatty foods have lots of sugat and salt which makes it addicting. Healthy food will taste bland if you are use to an unhealty diet
  • Answer: According to its
  • Answer: If you are talking about something that you can digest, than I would say that pure, filtered water is the healthiest thing on Earth.

    Top Superfoods Offering Super Health Protection

    * Beans
    * Blueberries
    * Broccoli
    * Oats
    * Oranges
    * Pumpkin
    * Salmon
    * Soy
    * Spinach
    * Tea (green or black)
    * Tomatoes
    * Turkey
    * Walnuts
    * Yogurt


    The anti aging food pyramid:

    I hope that this information helps you.
  • Answer: A glass of red wine is supposedly good for your health
  • Answer: The sides of the bread is healthier than the actual bread itself!!
  • Answer: One who is happy and content with his life will feel extremely good about himself and it is also said that people who do not take things to heart and are happy go lucky normally are blessed with good health.
  • Answer: Yes, but caffeine is not too good for you no matter where it comes from.
  • Answer: Not all alcoholic drinks are dangerous to our health, sometimes howmuch you drink. But here are the list of the healthiest alcoholicbeverages: 1. Michelob Ultra: 95cal, 4.2% abv, 2.6g carb (12 oz) 2.Guinness Draught: 126 cal, 4.2% abv, 9g carb (12 oz) 3. Aspen Edge:94cal, 4.1% abv, 2.6g carb (12 oz) 4. Mimosa: 130cal, 8% abv, 10gcarb (5oz) 5. I.C. Light: 95cal, 4.2% abv, 2.8g carb (12 oz)
  • Answer: I would say GNC or Planet Smoothie. These smoothie shops both give you good and healthy smoothies. Also give you all your vitamins just about in each smoothie.
  • Answer: A Certain Heath Milkshake With Over 2,000 Calories And 1 Half Cup Of Sugar
  • Answer: Nearly all the fruits and veggies are required. Papayas are excellent for the stomach, bananas are high in Potassium, etc. In veggies leafy greens keep the colon clean! Carrots are good for the eyes, yams are great, especially women because they have naturally occurring estrogen and so on.

    Blueberries, blackberries, grapes and strawberries top the list for number of antioxidents! All dark leafy greens are great, espically the super food spinach. Try to eat organic if possible.
  • Answer: There is no official "healthiest breakfast" award given to acountry, but with lots of bread and cereal which gives you a goodstart to the day because of the carbohydrates, you could say thatthe continental European breakfast is one of the healthiest.
  • Answer: Judaism because there are guidelines for all areas of, sexual relations, finances, sickness, societal morals, personal ethics.

What is the healthiest foods to eat?

  • I would say just vegies and fruit-do not eat anything greesy or anything that has alot of calories.

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