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  • Answer: A pencil thickness collected from various places on the head.
  • Answer: A drug hair follicle test is where the hair follicle is tested to see what drugs have been used. Hair is a by-product of the body and along with containing DNA also happens to have the history of a persons drug use. It can be accurate up to 90 days. It is not just the hair follicle but the actual hair as well.
  • Answer: yes the police dept does it all the time the regular protocall is hair first then if too short face chest arpit leg passitkit hair razor is the stuff
  • Answer: why are you asking this dumb question?!

    Lab require a sample of hair that is about 1.5inches (every .5 inches = 30 days back), anywhere from 90 to 120 strands, depending on how thick or coarse the hairs are.
    I used these guys (website is . The site gives a good info how the toxins get placed in the hair and you can call for phone consultation -2524894754 they will answer your questions for free.
  • Answer: Because a hair toxicology can go back three to six months, when a urine cannot. Because the chemicals(drugs)can stay in your hair that long, and they can take it from anywhere on your body, but usually your head. Believe me I had several
  • Answer: Analyte Screen Cutoff Confirmation Cutoff

    300 pg/mg
    300 pg/mg
    500 pg/mg
    300 pg/mg
    1 pg/mg
    300 pg/mg
    300 pg/mg
    500 pg/mg
    300 pg/mg
    5 pg/mg
    0.1 pg/mg

  • Answer: $2,000,000.99
  • Answer: yes hair razor works by METABOLIZING the metabolites in the hairwith proper amount usage ( achieved by getting a consult) you willpass as needed.
  • Answer: you mean a hair test? yes. because the test checks the inner part of the hair, all of it is born of the root. dye is on the outside only, surface area.

    dying your hair wont help you pass a drug test of any type.
  • Answer: Pie. By the way, could someone check this IP address and send the authorities their way if their use of marijuana is illegal?
  • Answer: It is very hard to cheat at hair drug test, because the follicle stores the THC for more than 90 days.
  • Answer: yes hair razor will. As long as you have a consultation and do the proper number of treatments for your use as there is more to it than just following the directions . it always lowers your levels if you have a pre test to compare your levels too you will see it works . anyone who just says i didnt pass is not saying it didnt work , there just saying they didnt do the proper amount

    Hair Razor didnt work for me, I failed the hair follicle test and I followed the directions. Red_r6!!!!!!!
  • Answer: YES anything can show up in a hair test.... think about it a drug test..

Is hair can be used as a sample for drug test?

  • Hair can be tested for drugs in a laboratory.

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