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What is the difference between a people stethoscope and an animal stethoscope?

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  • Answer: A stethoscope is used to listen to internal sounds within a body. The act of listening is called auscultation. A medical professional is the most likely user. This trained user can assess cardiac and respiratory functions when correctly using the simple device. And in addition to this, arterial and venus flow can be heard and so can intestinal activity, among other things.The stethoscope finds limited use with mechanics, though a long screwdriver pressed to an engine part with the handle pressed to the ear works pretty well. Some other applications may present themselves with a bit of thought and consideration. Links can be found below.
  • Answer: The doctors of course, or else, nurses too...those persons who are engage in medical courses and check ups.
  • Answer: Try a proper pharmacy, especially one near a hospital or Alternatively you can buy them online at
  • Answer: A stethoscope is a medical device used to hear sounds from within the body. It consists of a cup-like "chestpiece" connected by air-filled rubber tubing to two earpieces. The effect is to isolate and magnify the sounds from the internal organs (heart, lungs, blood vessels).
    The stethoscope can listen for changes in heart contractions, or breathing, or blood flow (often used to detect a pulse when determining the rate of a heart beat).
  • Answer: A stethoscope is put against the chest and is used to monitor heart rate and breathing.

    It is also used to listen to certain body sounds
  • Answer: Scope, steth, ears. Take your pick.

  • Answer: So someone can hear heart beats
  • Answer: Originally invented by Rene Laennec around 1816 in France, he developed this new instrument to try and help determine what pathology could be associated with certain bodily sounds.
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  • Answer: An excellent diagnostic tool for bearings, gears and motors on allequipment in the plant. Helps to pinpoint exactly where the problemis before dismantling.
  • Answer: The stethoscope was invented in France in 1816 by René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec.

  • Answer: Dr. Rene Theophile hyacinthe Laennec. The first stethoscope invented was basically a wooden tube, similar to a candle stick.
  • Answer: It is used so that doctors (or other trained medical professionals) can listen to the sound of your heart and lungs.