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  • Answer: It did, once, for me.
  • Answer: It is very unlikely for Abilify to cause a false positive on a drug screen for any other substance. Drug screens test for metabolites of specific drugs. All drug tests have a rating based on specificity and sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the lower the specificity. Basically it is only possible to have a false positive by using another drug that is very chemically similar to the positive test. Abilify (aripiprazole) is not chemically similar to commonly screened drugs of abuse.
  • Answer: Possible, but very unlikely. Think about it, the companies that make drug tests and perform them are in the business of one thing only; to make sure that they can accurately test for drugs.
  • Answer:
  • Answer: Yes, it is possible to get a false positive. There are certain medications that can cause you to test positive for THC, mainly antiretroviral medication, even though there is no actual THC present in your body. It is also possible for a urine drug screen to be faulty and give a false positive, however this is unlikely. They will then re-test the same urine with a new test to determine if this was indeed the cause of a false positive.
  • Answer: I am told that while under certain circumstances it MAY throw off the results of a urine alcohol test, but the condition will not trigger any false positives for any other type of narcotic or prescription drug.
  • Answer: Quinine is not an illegal substance, but it is often tested for inthe drug screening process. This is because Quinine is often usedto "cut" drugs such as heroin and cocaine. As a result, thepresence of quinine can lead to a false positive, or screeningfailure, but not because it tests as either heroin, or cocaine.While simply drinking tonic water, or gin and tonics should not beenough to cause concern, it might be best to list such libations onthe drug screening form prior to providing a sample.
  • Answer: ive gotten false positives for opiates when i took ecstasy tabs before. but honestly they probably had heroin in them

    The only drugs I know that provide a positive for opiates are opiates. Poppy seeds will give a false positive for opiates as they come from poppies which are the source of natural opiates - opium, heroin, pain killers oxycontin/oxycodone, percocet, vicodin, codeine ...
  • Answer: i tested positive for amphetamine methamphetamine. i have been off drugs for 2 yrs. i am on alot of prescriptions drugs.could any of these made me test positive. geodone, stadol, fursomide, pottasium, topamax, neurontion,aspirin, flexeril, soma, hydrocodone, prometeezine, and over the counterdristian cold tablets? i also have hep c and border line dibeties.
  • Answer: According to a local physician, Remeron can sometimes show a falsepositive for Amphetamines and or THC. Especially if you are also onany other type of psych medication. If your taking a drug test,take your prescription with you and have them note the Remeron onyour lab paperwork.
  • Answer: Yes. If the sugar level in the urine is high, and if there is yeast present in the urine, the yeast can ferment the sugar to alcohol, especially if the urine sits for a while before the drug test is done. Of course there are a lot of other causes for false positive alcohol or other drug screens, which could occur in a diabetic, but not be related to the diabetes. Another possibility is that it is actually a true positive, and the person is not being truthful about their drug intake. This is much more common than a false positive.

Can lamictal cause a false positive for pcp?

  • Yes! Lamictal will show a false positive on drug screens. You can have a lab use a maspectrometer specifically for PCP in order to officially rule it as a "false positive."

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