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  • Answer: Sit him down face to face and tell him.
  • Answer: In most jurisdictions, the police or a mental health professional can have people who are found to be dangers to themselves or others committed for a brief period of observation (usually 48 - 73 hours). Then the court can decide to commit them for further treatment.

    Most jurisdictions also have provisions for family members to commit for observation, under limited circumstances. You should call your local health department for direction to the correct channels.You should also know that the great majority of treatment facilities are not locked down, and patients are free to leave (against medical advice, of course) at any time. They may face penalties for doing so, however.
  • Answer: Bipolars have extreme and erratic mood swings which may also be observed in drug addicts. -
  • Answer: It really depends. Untreated ADHD is associated with an increased risk of substance use and addiction, so in this case, treating the ADHD may be helpful.It also depends on what drug(s) you are addicted to. If you are addicted to speed, then taking Vyvanse (which is an amphetamine) to treat ADHD may not be the best idea, although it does have a lower abuse potential than Adderall and many other stimulant ADHD medications.In almost any case, it is advised that the addiction itself is treated and is under control prior to beginning medications for ADHD treatment.
  • Answer: People see "drug addicts" as being afraid of water, due to the dirty body and clothes. One of the biggest reasons they are "scared" of water ( dont shower) is due to a simple fact of keeping pores clogged so they cannot sweat out the drug as fast.
  • Answer:
    1. by playing football

  • Answer: Butch has admitted to doing drugs, but he has never said he was an "addict."
    He has only ever admitting to being a drug user in his past.
    It probably never reached the point of addiction and Butch never went through rehab or any help programs.
  • Answer: She took drugs, as many entertainers do to help cope with difficult jobs and schedules. Over time, her brain chemistry altered so that she could no longer function without them.
  • Answer: help keep their life positive as possible and keep good vibes around give no reason for there to be any reason for any depression around
  • Answer: No,I feel like that is the wrong thing to do exspecially if you are in recovery yourself because he can easily be a trigger for you
  • Answer: Noel Fielding used to use drugs excessively, but he is now sober and clean. So no, Noel Fielding is not a drug addict.
  • Answer: Depends on what they are doing, if it weed then you can tell them its you or weed but they cant have both (weed is not adicitve) but if it is something harder like coke or heroin then try to get them professional help.
  • Answer: that is my question is Ashly Cole a drug addict

What are symptoms of a drug addict?

  • shaking / cold sweaty hands loss of appetite unable to sleep blank stare larger pupils / red eyes hyperactivity vomiting

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