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  • Answer: Yes, if you are allergic to it.
  • Answer: Yes, rose flowers do contain pollen.
  • Answer: In the Anther
  • Answer: Pollen grains are small (male) plant cells, usually yellow in color produced by flowers. For a seed to form pollen has to be transfered from the male anthers to the female stamen part of a plant flower. Some plants get insects to carry the pollen from flower to flower for them (rewarding the insect with nectar for doing this). Other species of plant rely on the wind to blow their pollen around. These wind pollinated plants (most grasses and some trees) need to produce vast quantities of pollen to ensure that some of it gets to a female flower and this can cause problems for people that are allergic to pollen, it gives them hay fever.
    In order to warn people who suffer from hay fever when to take their medicines, the weather service measure the number of pollen grains in the air at regular intervals and publish this as the pollen count.
  • Answer: Yes, it is the plant version of the male reproductive cells. That is where the phrase "birds and bees" came from and how it connects to human reproduction. The birds and bees carry the pollen to the pistils of other plants. Plants cannot get up and walk over to a partner and mate them, so birds, bees, and wind carry the pollen to other plants.
  • Answer: well here we are in this lovely, lovely word with rats,bees,cown and lots lots more the journey of pollen started in the 1123 when David Ferguson discovered the ABC if i was to describe the pollen traveling i would be here for hours so
    Bye Bye for now !
  • Answer: Simply put it is the reproductive part of the plant.
  • Answer: pollentube helps in germination
  • Answer: Pollen do not cause cancer normally. Pollen causes acute rhinitis or runny nose and bronchial asthma. But then you can always find the pollen which can cause or at least predisposes the cancer. Specially in tropical rain forests. So every thing is possible in biology.
  • Answer: Pollen is not a known carcinogen. It is a well-known allergen.Pollen has not been found to cause cancer.
  • Answer: in the ovule
  • Answer: it takes a couple of years but their features change and they adapt.
  • Answer: By living there
  • Answer: they built buffalo hide tepees to help keep warm from the cold

How does pollen grain adapt?

  • it Riots croydon

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