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  • Answer: Use milk of magnesia, you can find this in grocery stores or pharmacies (Food Lion, Rite Aid, etc.). Shake well and put some on your cold sore using your finger. You should feel your cold sore start to throb a little and the milk of magnesia will dry after a few minutes. Since it is white, you should put on before you go to bed and wipe it off with a wet rag in the morning. Your cold sore should go away within a couple of days. Works really fast!

  • Answer: Humidity and irritation. I have a vacation beach house in Rocky Point and we get them all the time because of humidity.
  • Answer: lots and lots of Carmex
  • Answer: Bactroban is not effective for viral cold sores.
  • Answer: No. Herpes simplex type I causes cold sores.
  • Answer: Skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, at the location where the virus is active, during a time when they are shedding virus.
  • Answer: Cold sores last about 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Answer: Yes, unfortunately cold sores can manifest on the chin. They can occur pretty much anywhere around the mouth, eyes, and nose. Additionally, cold sores, because they are the herpes virus, can be spread from those areas to the genitals and anus as well.
  • Answer: I have been a cold sore sufferer even since I can remember. I dont believe there is such a thing as a cure for cold sores but I have found that zovirax cream words for me. It works by drying out the sore and reduces the time that you have a nasty sore on your face.
  • Answer: Really there is NO way to kill cold sores. Try lemon juice, ketchup, or even salt.
  • Answer: Well, one way is to drink water with salt in it. Yeah, it will hurt, but it helps!Another way is to drink a lot of milk. Or eat ice cream, milkshakes, anything like that!Also, what causes them is all of the acid in your mouth, from things like soda. So, maybe if you stop drinking soda for a little while, it will help.
  • Answer: yup i rub it all over my face and my nipples
  • Answer: Yes stress DOES cause cold sores.
    I hope this answers your question.
  • Answer: The first thing you notice is small swellings under the skin on the lips if they apear in or around the nose you will notice them when they start to feel hot and pmildly painfull. they are generaly irritating all the time eventualy they will turn ito a blister and break. At this point the temptation to run yourtongue over your lips wil be hard to resist and this can in fact spread it further. The best thing to do is get an anti viral creme to aply to the infections as soon as you notice them before the skin breaks and keep on aplying it to keep it suple. If you let cold sores dry out they will cause the surounding skin to crack and spread the infection further. Most importantly do not kiss any one or share eating utensils while you have active herpes legions. Symptoms of Cold Sore Initially a pain develops in and around the lips and mouth area. This may be very painful for some people. The pain may be accompanied by fever, swollen glands on neck, and sore throat. With the appearance of the blisters on the skin, the cold sores break allowing the fluid to come out. This creates a hard layer on the skin that goes away after some days. The children who develop cold sores tend to drool before its appearance. There are also several people who have the virus in them but do not get this problem.
    Symptoms: Warning symptoms of itching, burning, increased sensitivity, or tingling sensation may occur about 2 days before lesions appear. Skin lesions or rash around the lips, mouth, and gums Small blisters (vesicles) filled with clear yellowish fluid Blisters on a raised, red, painful skin area Blisters that form, break, and ooze Yellow crusts that slough to reveal pink, healing skin Several smaller blisters that merge to form a larger blister Mild fever (may occur)

Does chapstick help get rid of cold sores?

  • It can, if you get a good type. Sometimes, it can make them worse. Vaseline is the best way to help it.

    Be sure to toss the chapstick after you are over the cold sore--may reinfect you.

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