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  • Answer: Anywhere from 3 weeks to a month ... or more. This illegal drug finds its way into the bloodstream ... has to filter through the kidneys over time in order to no longer become detectable during testing.
  • Answer: If you are an adult then it stays forever. In some states if youwere aquitted or found not guilty or it was stetted you can lookinto expunging it (in GA they now call it record restriction) fromthe record. I know here in MD they charge 30.00 to expunge whichmeans it is removed from record.
    However if you were found guilty then sorry it is there forever.
  • Answer: In some states it is possible to be granted deferred prosecution where your sentence is delayed for a year. You will be on probation, and will be required to follow certain conditions within that time period, such as not committing any crimes, performing community service, and/or taking a drug/alcohol education course. At the end of the period the charges will be dropped and the misdemeanor taken off your record.

    However, a background check will probably still reveal this history, depending on the level of the check.
  • Answer: It depends on a lot of factors, most importantly, your body size. If you are smaller than the THC will go through your system faster, but if you are larger it will stay in longer. Generally two hits of pot does not get you high, so if you drink water frequently between now and the test, you should be fine.
  • Answer: Because you are a heavy user and your weight and body mass index it could take 90+ days to be clean. The reason is that THC metabolites are stored in your fat cells. You should drink a lot of water and exercise to help flush your system out. Also you can buy some permanent detox like: to help with the flush, however with your weight I am not sure if it will get you completely clean but its a start.
  • Answer: it can grow 2 1/2 inches
  • Answer: It remains until the hair falls out or is cut off.
  • Answer: Cutting the hair does not work. The hair that is used is the hair closest to the body and can be taken from any part, not just your head, so cutting has no relevance. All illicit or prescription drugs taken without prescription, can be detected for approximately 90 days. This is a very reliable test. It can also be used to your benefit if you tested positive for a drug during a urine test, but have not taken any drugs.
  • Answer: the answer is that it does not show up in a urine test. I was in jail, and sent to the work release program. I did an 8mg tablet of suboxone, and got a urine test the next day, and the results came back negative. Most urine tests dont check for buprenorphine, which is one of the drugs that make up suboxone!
    YES IT DOES SHOW UP. If you have a 12 panel drug screen it shows up . I Failed my drug screen after 3 days of no use. So i KNOW it stays in your system .. It Dont show up on a 3 or 5 panel drug screen.. Alot of places dont use 12 panel because it cost alot.

    I agree with the last entry.. I specifically get tested for it on an 11 panel. So again, my ? ... How long before its out of your system if you dont use it often
  • Answer: I used a cleanser and had not done any meth in 5 days and still tested positive. I also did another test in which I used a cleanser and failed after not smoking for a week. They were both urinalysis tests.
  • Answer: I would imagine the same length of time as the hair on your head, which is generally about 90 days.
  • Answer: Your whole life!! doctors can determine any drugsubstance ever used through hair samples!!
  • Answer: As long as in any other hair: if you smoke weed and a hair sample is taken, then it will be detected.
  • Answer: Hair follicles can be used to test for the presence or past use ofalcohol. Alcohol can stay in a hair follicle for up to 120 days.

What if I have been clean from marijuana for 9 months how long will it stay in my hair follicle if I took three to five hits out of a bowl?

  • 6 months it stays in your system
    and 3 months in hair
    shampoo and condition EVERY day

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