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  • Answer: Pennicillium grows faster than other molds. This fast growth is dueto the pennicillium strain of mold is grown in a more concentratedarea.
  • Answer: To change the speed of your metabolism is all about your diet, exercise and portion sizes..
    Most doctors or Dieticians say that it is best to eat 5 to 6 SMALL meals per day and to stick to the 5-a-day portions, which is a handful, also exercising regularly, even if its a 15 minute walk twice a day, so basically small portions, snack healthily, drink lots of water, 30 mins exercise a day :) simple
  • Answer: No but if you try pre-natal vitamins and biotin that will help
  • Answer: yes it can grow faster in the dark because i am planting my flowers in a dark place but you have to keep watering it so it can grow. maybe not all plants grow faster in the dark there is certain kind of plants that can. if you dont take care of it it will not grow how you want it to grow.
  • Answer: no but they seam to mature faster than boys
  • Answer: They like to excersise more in the spring than the other seasons.
  • Answer: If you want longer hair, try my method!

    You want to make sure that you have a good shampoo and/or conditioner. Make sure that it moisturizes your hair. It needs to have some vitamins and minerals. Shea butter is really good for your hair.

    You also want to give your hair a break from heat, like blow-drying your hair on low heat or stop using curling irons,etc.

    Make sure you moisturize your hair!:)

    While you wash your hair, massage your head. It might sound weird, but it works!
  • Answer: If your hair grows slower than half an inch per month, you coulduse Vitamin C and H, coconut oil, Indian scalp massage.
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  • Answer: because the royal mint where money is made is only allowed to produce a certain limit each year if they wanted the world could male 10k x morethan they do though the government wont allow it
  • Answer: yup you can with some caster oil and please can i tell u DO NOT use a hair straightener my cousin does and now her hair is falling out!
    but you can use some onion juice and put it in your hair
  • Answer: Yes - Everything Grows Faster When You Are Sleeping
  • Answer: Nails need calcium and vitamin D and B to grow so take calcium tablets and tablets that promote bone health. You can also buy nail growth polish at the chemist.
  • Answer: No, short hair does not grow faster than longer hair. It may appear that it does as the difference in length can be more noticeable. In addition to this, people who have long hair are more likely to have split ends which leads to broken hairs, hindering hair growth. This is also more frequent with people who use hairdryers and straighteners.So getting hair trimmed can eliminate spit ends but no, it doesnt encourage growth from the root. This is inconvenient if you have just got a short haircut which is particularily tragic, as it will not grow any faster than other hair lengths, but on the bright side your hair will be healthier.
  • Answer: Yes, fingernails do grow faster than toenails.

What is a disease that causes your insides to grow faster than your outsides?

  • Morquio Syndrome

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