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  • Answer: It really depends on several factors. For example: age, rigor of training, difficulty of course, and what you would define as "good."

    If you are a teenager and have just started running a month ago, I would say anything below 22 minutes is significant. If you are in your twenties and have the same amount of training, I would say anything under 20 minutes is good.

    If you are a bit older, it may vary depending on your level of health.
  • Answer: I would say the best time to ask for forgiveness, whether it be to God or just any person, would be as soon as possible. No person knows what the next day will bring, so its better sooner than later. Showing remorse for an action committed, or something neglected is most strong right after the fact. As time passes, we, as humans, tend to forget or feel less guilty. Less guilt means less sincerity in asking forgiveness, so the sooner the better. The one who you are asking forgiveness to will recognize your sincerity and find it in themselves to forgive.
  • Answer: Good time, where you get extra credit on your sentence for the time you are serving, such as 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 is not set by law. It is a policy set by the department of corrections, and likely varies by each facility.
  • Answer: When you eat and watch TV at the same time you are not able to concentrate on your food making you more prone to overeating. Overeating can eventually lead to obesity and other related health problems so it is not a good idea.
  • Answer: When you bring her to a theme park like Universal
  • Answer: A good time to get married is after you have finished college and found a steady job and are making good money. The average age to get married is at least ages 27-30.
  • Answer: in winters and not on Sundays
  • Answer: It is a good time to fly a kite when it is windy out like in the fall or summer.
  • Answer: Well, a good time to ask a girl out would be when she is VERY happy or relaxed. When a girl is relaxed it means she is less likely to say no. AND when she is relaxed if she says no she probably wont say no... ;) If i were you and you lived somewhere where it rains a bit, ask her when she is all cozy and stuff because women are naturally lovey when they are all warn and cozy.
    Luck to you!
  • Answer: a good time to have a party is when theres a holiday or birthday...but i think the best time to have a party is on a weekend! that way u can stay up all night and party and sleep all day.
  • Answer: Ok, just text a guy when u want. but not all the time. like trust me i liked a guy and i would text him like every second of the day and every day and he was so annoyed we had s much frikin drama and oh yah this was just two months ago so uhm yah AWKWARD so just text a guy like at night or day and like every other two days or something not tooo frequently.
  • Answer: In the Christian religion God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-seeing. So in answer to your question, yes, the christians believe it is possible.
  • Answer: If you wish to leave home, you should have an idea of where you are going. If the plan is to become a street person, it is probably a bad idea. If your life is in danger at home, you can go to the police. Otherwise, the best time to run away from home is when you have somewhere to live, other than the home that you are running away from.
  • Answer: Now that the interest rates are below 6% is a great time and close near the end of the month!

How do you become skinny and have a good time while doing it?

  • dancing to zumba

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