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  • Answer: Just like any living organism requires food, water and shelter to sustain its life, business has some basic requirements to sustain its life. Some of them are :
    1. Capital Investment to start business.
    2. Availability of the materials depending of the type of business.
    3. Workforce whether it is manual or automatic.
    4. Demand of the items produced/manufactured by the business.
    5. Good management group.
  • Answer: true, living things do use food as their source of energy to carry out their live functions. But foodcan be a various amount of thing such as sunlight, rotten flesh, algae and tons more.
  • Answer: To prevent food poisioning, premises are often designed in a linear flow:Back door: products arrived > Sink: Product cleaned > Fridge: Product stored at correct temperature > Preparation area > Cooking Area > Service AreaThe main aim is to prevent cross-contamination amongst products. Also fridges are designed in a way whereby raw meat is stored below ready to eat products such as salad leaves. Any product which is ready to eat is a HIGH-RISK product, and needs to careuflly handled with a food business to prevent contamination.To prevent food spoilage, a premises should be designed to encourage stock rotation, perhaps through adequate storage space.
  • Answer: a helthy diet is a mixxed amount of food groups
  • Answer: vital registration is concerned with the recording of key life cycle or vital events,
  • Answer: Vital signs are often taken by health professionals in order to assess the most basic body functions. They may offer clues to the health or condition of an individual who is being examined. Vital signs are an essential part of a case presentation.Primary fourThere are four vital signs which are standard in most medical settings:1. temperature examination for normal temperature2. pulse rate (or heart rate)3. blood pressure4. respiratory rateThe equipment needed is a thermometer, a sphygmomanometer, and a watch.Though a pulse can often be taken by hand, a stethoscope may be required for a patient with a very weak pulse.Fifth signThe phrase "fifth vital sign" usually refers to pain, as perceived by the patient on a Pain scale of 1-10. For example, the Veterans Administration made this their policy in 1999. However, some doctors have noted that pain is actually a subjective symptom, not an objective sign, and therefore object to this classification.Other sources include pulse oximetry as their fifth sign.Sixth signThere is no standard "sixth vital sign", and the use is much more informal and discipline-dependent than with the above, but some proposals (excluding the fifth sign candidates above) include:* Urinary continence* End-tidal CO2* Emotional distress* Spirometry* Military deployment* Glucose
  • Answer: oxygen or maby carbon
  • Answer: temperature
    eye response
    noise response
    stimulus response
  • Answer: A vital contributor is someone who contributes necessaryinformation. This could also be referring to a monetary donation, avital contributor could be one who donates a lot of money.
  • Answer: while you are sitting in the upright position
  • Answer: It is used in cell membranes and is the substrate for making sterol hormones and vitamin D. Cholesterol is made in then liver and humans have no dietary requiment for cholesterol. Cholesterol is converted into bile acids. Bile acids act as a solute to cholesterol in the gallbaldder, preventing gallstone formation, help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and emulsify fats so they are avalible to pancreatic lipase. Bile acid production is the only method for excreating excess cholesterol.
  • Answer: The vital signs is inflammation, headaches, vomiting, constant peeing that is either red or really dark yellow. Throwing up blood or coughing up blood. If you have any long term rash that is not going away.

  • Answer: The question is simply too broad, since "A tight sweater" and "OCPD" are equally valid answers to the question as asked.

Why is food vital for life?

  • It gives your body and its organs nutrients which make it thrive and function properly

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