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How long does a wrist sprain last?

  • About 2 weeks I think.

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  • Answer: About 2 weeks I think.
  • Answer: for example, your wrist is trying to turn one way, while the rest of your body is turning the other way, therefore causing a sprain. there are probably some other ways but i dont know what they are.
  • Answer: A wrist sprain is a common injury for all sorts of athletes. All ittakes is a momentary loss of balance. As you slip, youautomatically stick your hand out to break your fall. But once yourhand hits the ground, the force of impact bends it back toward yourforearm. This can stretch the ligaments that connect the wrist andhand bones a little too far. The result is tiny tears or -- evenworse -- a complete break to the ligament.
  • Answer: Place an ice pack on the wrist as soon after the injury as possible - or better yet, an ice bandage, which can help immobilize the area. Wrap from the hand to the elbow, but be careful not to wrap so tight that it cuts off circulation.
    Elevate the arm with a sling, or with a pillow if you can be stationary.....then Rest the wrist. for more treatment you can try the link i give u in below
  • Answer: If you want to sprain your wrist take it from someone who has sprained their wrist like me. Get someone who can throw a softball REALLY hard and stand kind of close to them. Catch the ball and because of the force your wrist will bend back and it will cause a sprain. But my wrist really hurt when I sprained it so my advice is not to try to sprain your wrist on purpose.
  • Answer: first take a large bowl, buckket, container, something that can hold liqued, fill it with cold water. then get another bowl of ice, after you have the two bowls and a towel then put your wrist in the bowl of water, wait 5min then add the ice. endure for about 15min (if possible) dry off then wrap your wrist in an ace bandage, and after you have it wrapped , put it in a sprint. then for sleeping, take the bandage off and the sprint. if its really bad though, ice bathe it 2-3times per day, and sleep with the sprint on, but take the bandage off.
  • Answer: Put the back of your hand against a wall, and bend it as far as you can until you hear a snap or a click. Or... Fall down really hard and put your hands out at a weird angle. Do this until it sprains. Or you could just bash it really hard with something metal! Hope this helps!
  • Answer: limit movement, ice
  • Answer: yes. but if you feel around the site where you have pain, it will be "squishy" which indicates a fluid build-up. if you feel that, you know there is something wrong.
  • Answer: Do nothing people that sue others are found as the lowest scum in society its fine its only a sprained ankle as long as it wasent your fault you will be conpensated by your insurance
  • Answer: it may last for 4-6 week and try to stay of sport
  • Answer: it may take various weeks. depends on your body. how long it will take to recover? know one really knows it depends. my wrist has been hurting for 3 weeks now so..yaa
  • Answer: About a week it depends how badly you sprained it