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What is the fastest route from Columbus OH to Chicago IL?

    1. Take I-70 WEST from Columbus to I-65 NORTH to CHICAGO via I-465 NORTH (EXIT 90 off I-70 in Indiana) and I-865 WEST (EXIT 25 off I-465).
    2. Take I-65 NORTH to Chicago.

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  • Answer:
    1. Take I-70 WEST from Columbus to I-65 NORTH to CHICAGO via I-465 NORTH (EXIT 90 off I-70 in Indiana) and I-865 WEST (EXIT 25 off I-465).
    2. Take I-65 NORTH to Chicago.

  • Answer:
    1. Take U.S. 41 SOUTH to Milwaukee where you will follow signs to the I-894 BYPASS.
    2. Once you are on I-894, take I-894 around Milwaukee to I-94 to CHICAGO at EXIT 10B.
    3. Take I-94 EAST to Chicago.

  • Answer: The shortest and fastest route would be on 1-85 to I-185 to Airport Thruway and on to Veterans Parkway. The distance is 156 miles and the estimated driving time is 2 hours and 54 minutes according to Google Maps.
  • Answer:
    1. Take I-70 EAST to I-77 SOUTH to MARIETTA at EXIT 180A.
    2. Take I-77 SOUTH all the way down through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina (through Charlotte) to I-26 EAST (TO I-95) at END I-77 in Columbia, South Carolina.
    3. Take I-26 EAST to I-95 SOUTH towards SAVANNAH at EXIT 169A.
    4. Take I-95 SOUTH to Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Answer:
    1. Take I-80/90 EAST on the Indiana TOLL ROAD to Ohio where it becomes the Ohio Turnpike (toll).
    2. Take the Ohio Turnpike (toll) EAST on I-80/90 to I-75 to PERRYSBURG and TOLEDO at EXIT 64. You want I-75 SOUTH to PERRYSBURG.
    3. Take I-75 SOUTH TO U.S. 23 via OH-15 (exit at EXIT 156 onto U.S. 68/OH-15 to KENTON and COLUMBUS. Stay on OH-15 EAST then follow signs to U.S. 23 SOUTH).
    4. Take U.S. 23 SOUTH to Columbus.

  • Answer: Driving directions to Columbus, OH, USA
    274 mi - about 4 hours 41 minsSouth Bend, IN, USA
    1. Head west on E Angela Blvd toward N Michigan St 20 ft
    2. Turn right at IN-933/N Michigan St/US-31
    Continue to follow IN-933/US-31 1.1 mi
    3. Turn left onto the ramp to I-80 E/I-90 E
    Partial toll road 0.9 mi
    4. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-80/I-90 and merge onto I-80 E/I-90 E
    Partial toll road 67.1 mi
    5. Take exit 144 to merge onto I-69 S/US-27 S toward Ft. Wayne
    Partial toll road 41.5 mi
    6. Take exit 115 to merge onto I-469 E/US-30 E
    Continue to follow I-469 E 12.0 mi
    7. Take exit 19A to merge onto IN-930/State Rd 930/US-30
    Continue to follow US-30
    Entering Ohio 25.2 mi
    8. Take the ramp to OH-127/US-127/N Washington St 0.3 mi
    9. Turn left at OH-127/US-127/N Washington St
    Continue to follow OH-127/US-127 16.2 mi
    10. Turn left at US-33 10.9 mi
    11. Merge onto US-33 E via the ramp to Columbus 24.8 mi
    12. Turn right at US-33 58.5 mi
    13. Take the exit onto I-270 S toward Grove City 8.2 mi
    14. Take exit 8 to merge onto I-70 E toward Columbus 3.7 mi
    15. Slight left at I-670 E (signs for I-670) 2.0 mi
    16. Take exit 2A for US-33 toward OH-315 0.4 mi
    17. Turn right at Dublin Rd/US-33
    Continue to follow US-33 1.2 mi
    18. Turn right at N High St 0.2 mi
    Columbus, OH, USA

  • Answer: I-70 and I-74 has a distance of 481 miles according to Google Maps.
  • Answer: intra peritoneal
  • Answer:
    1. Take I-75 SOUTH to I-24 WEST towards CHATTANOOGA and BIRMINGHAM at EXIT 2.
    2. Take I-24 WEST to I-59 SOUTH towards BIRMINGHAM at EXIT 167.
    3. Take I-59 SOUTH to I-12 WEST to HAMMOND at EXIT 1A in Louisiana. On this stretch, bypass Birmingham, AL via I-459 SOUTH (EXIT 137 off I-59).
    4. Take I-12 WEST to I-10 WEST in Baton Rouge, LA.
    5. Take I-10 WEST to the BELTWAY 8 SAM HOUSTON PKWY SOUTH in Texas at EXIT 781A. On this stretch bypass Lake Charles, LA via I-210 WEST - LOOP (EXIT 34 off I-10).
    6. Take BELTWAY 8 (Sam Houston Pkwy) SOUTH to Pasadena.

  • Answer:
    1. Take I-20 EAST from Vicksburg to I-55 NORTH to GRENADA and MEMPHIS at EXIT 46 in Jackson.
    2. Take I-55 NORTH to Memphis.

  • Answer:
    1. Take I-70 EAST from Denver to U.S. 83 to OAKLEY at EXIT 70 in KANSAS.
    2. Turn right off the exit ramp onto U.S. 83 SOUTH to OAKLEY; follow U.S. 83 all the way SOUTH to Laredo. To bypass PERRYTON, TEXAS take LOOP 143 (turn left onto LOOP 143; turn left back onto U.S. 83 SOUTH).

  • Answer: IV infusion is the fastest route of drug administration. By giving a medication IV it is directly entering the blood stream causing the fastest effect.
  • Answer:
    1. Take Dysart Rd, Litchfield Rd, LOOP 303 (Estrella Fwy), or Sun Valley Pkwy to I-10. At JCT I-10, follow signs to I-10 WEST.
    2. Take I-10 WEST to I-5 NORTH to SACRAMENTO via the 210 WEST around Los Angeles. (EXIT 77B off I-10 in CALIFORNIA; EXIT 1A off I-210 to get onto I-5 - GOLDEN STATE FWY NORTH towards SACRAMENTO.)
    3. Take I-5 (GOLDEN STATE FWY) NORTH to I-580 WEST to SAN FRANCISCO at EXIT 446.
    4. Take I-580 WEST to I-680 SOUTH to SAN JOSE at EXIT 44B.
    5. Take I-680 SOUTH to San Jose.