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  • Answer: check your deoderant or laundry detergent your using. you might be allergic to either of those
  • Answer: you need to first wipe up the blood . next put neosprine on it . cover it with band-aids or gauzes dependiing on the size.after a few days it should heal . uncover it so it can breathe. in order for it to heal you have to leave it alone which means dont pick at it or peel off the scab. .FIN.
  • Answer: It may be that you need a new alternator.

  • Answer: Germs are being fought with and inflammation because of increased blood flow.
  • Answer:
    • laceration
    • abrasion
    • puncture
    • incision

  • Answer: The Chesapeake Bay
  • Answer: There are four layers of skin _ top layer - carries blood and no cells_ next layer classed as a gash_ next layer Classed as a deep cut_ last layer Might need stitchesSo when the top layer is split or cut, the liquid substance (blood) will escape to the surface.
  • Answer: First you make sure if the person is alive than you check out there cut if yes than try too find the first aid kit if you dont have vone at home get help try too reach your parents if they arent home if that doesnt work call for help just dial 911 if you dont have a fone with you or by you get help from people find people=) good luck try too stay out of these kind of situation and help people if they need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Answer: If the car has an automatic transmission, then it might have lock up torque converter. If the torque converter is engaged while the engine is at idle, then the engine will stall. Bring the vehicle to reputable transmission repair facility and have the replace the torque converter clutch solenoid.
  • Answer: the less tax we have to pay the more money we will have so we tend to spend more which helps our buisnesses grow which keeps our economy going
  • Answer: Chances are is that the transmission range sensor needs adjusting. The sensor is located on the side of the transmission and is attached the the manual shift cable. When you put your car in reverse it may go slightly back into park shutting the engine off. If you have a manual it will show you where it is and how to adjust it. Very simple.
  • Answer: Turmeric has antiseptic properties. It is documented in the indigenous medical science book of India Ayurved. Antiseptic properties have been proved by modern science. India won back the patent for turmeric few years ago.
  • Answer: either your amp has a short..... or.... you have a bad ground

Why do some cuts hurt more than others?

  • sometimes you cut yourself on a bunch of nerve endings making it hurt more. eg. a small cut on your fingers huts a lot because you have lots of nerve endings there where if you cut your self on your elbow you can barely feel it.

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