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  • Answer: Eating a lot of fats and sugars, or having a slow metabolic rate
  • Answer: if i love anybody he/she will be special person close to me and i feel so much sympathy to him/her and also i will be always helpful person for him/her and sometimes i will give him/her favorite things which he/she so much like. Then he/she believe that i love him or her.
  • Answer: Creatine Creature If it is your body, you may have a kidney problem, or the beginnings of one.  A high nitrogen level in the blood can cause the creatinine level to elevate.  Creatinine is an anhydrate of creatine.  Notice the difference in the spelling of the two. Creatine is  an alkaloid or amino acid present in muscle tissue.  Creatinine is excreted by the urine. A urine test along with a blood test determines if the kidneys are functioning properly.  Anabolic steroid use will elevate creatinine levels, but many other drugs can do the same.  If you are using any medications, legal or not, you may want to increase your intake of water.  If unprescribed, you may want to discontinue use until your levels return to normal.
  • Answer: You can start by eating healthier and exercising. Eating your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. Exercise at least 30 min a day to heat your blood pumping.
  • Answer: These are called amino acids. They form long peptide chains via dehydration synthesis. These bonds are called peptide bonds. amino acids have several parts, all of which revolve around a center carbon atom. The first is called an amino group. This consists of a nitrogen and two hydrogens. The next is a carboxyl group. This consists of a carbon double bonded to an oxygen and bonded to a hydroxyl group which is an oxygen bonded to a hydrogen. Then there is a hydrogen bonded to the same center carbon. Lastly there is an R group. This is a variable group that determines the type of amino acid, and therefor is function. Each amino acid ahas a different R group.

    H R O
    N C
    H H OH
  • Answer: Waxing will tend to thin hair when it regrows (over time).
  • Answer: ice works well
  • Answer: The make of a vehicle is the manufacturer and the model is thespecific version of car made by that manufacturer. Example, a FordFusion -- the make is Ford the model is Fusion
  • Answer: no...does not make body swell...but it remove pallet counts, means white cell from body.
  • Answer: Well, Your body makes weird sounds depending on how it fells and what it wants. An example is when your hungry your stomach will make a growling sound stating that it wants food. Your body also gives you hits like if you start to sweat it means that your body is having a hard time keeping up with the exersize that your making it do.
  • Answer: Yes, Oxygen is needed by the body for aerobic cellular respiration. It is possible to use anaerobic respiration which is with out air, but it is must less efficient and produces lactic acid.
  • Answer: The things your body needs to stay alive basically. Things like your sugars and proteins and fats, they all give you energy. Therefore if you arent taking in enough of these nurtrients, you wont have much energy. There is no chemical that MAKES you tired, its the lack of other chemicals, or lower levels. The most common is taurine, it is an amino acid in our body. If you are to read the back of an energy drink, taurine is responsible for keeping us awake and functioning, so therefore, low levels in taurine will make you tired.
  • Answer: Yes and no, it all depends what part of your body you loose the wait off of. It is noticable but not extremely.

How do you make your body v-shaped?

  • Systematic body building exercises under guidance of a trained coach.

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