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  • Answer: Ecstasy is a Stimulant drug
  • Answer: Although ecstasy (in this case referring to MDMA) can cause some visuals and distortions of perception, it is generally not classified as a hallucinogen. Most commonly, ecstasy is considered an entactogen/empathogen.
  • Answer: This question is a matter of opinion. Some believe that all drugs should be legal, regardless of how they affect users, some believe that only mild drugs should be legal, and some believe that all currently illegal drugs should remain that way.Ecstacy produces many negative effects such as dizziness, vertigo, dry mouth, nausea/vomiting, headaches, constipation, erectile dysfunction, fever, insomnia, and raised blood pressure. However, it also has some positive effects such as a loss of negative emotions like fear and anxiety and a hightened sense of both self-worth and love for others. In addition, it increases the sensations brought on by touch, sight, and sound, and it is suggested to be very useful for psychotherapy.
  • Answer: cause it makes sex feel good
  • Answer: Stimulant containing hallucinogenic properties.Ecstacy, or methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), is an amphetamine derivative. It is taken frequently in the "rave" scene and has profound euphoric effects, despite its stimulant derivation.
  • Answer: Stop using it for a sufficient period of time to allow the body to clear it.
    In general, there is no 100% effective way to "fool" a drug test, as the people that make the tests are constantly refining them to catch people who are trying to beat the tests. The best method to pass drug tests is to stop using the drugs in question.
  • Answer: You could die from this drug, it is not risk-free.
  • Answer: If used regularly, you bet your life. There are those who will tell you it is not. Those of us who have both used it and worked in detox units will tell you otherwise.
  • Answer: Of coarse they can... drug dogs smell all drugs... jeeze
  • Answer: Nothing, it is actually one of the least addictive illegal drugs out there. It is likely that those who do become addicted have a underlying emotional problem.
  • Answer: Ecstasy (mdma) will show up as an methamphetamine.
  • Answer: Pure ecstasy (MDMA) is a hallucinogen, but will show up on a drug screen as a methamphetamine. However, ecstasy capsules and tablets are often "cut" or adulterated with other substances, so there is really no way to know WHAT you are actually taking in addition to the MDMA or MDA that you think you are taking. Some doses are described as being more "speedy", or having heavier concentrations of amphetamines, while others are described as being "dopey", or having higher concentrations of narcotics, such as heroin.

How does the drug ecstasy works in the body?

  • Ecstasy works by releasing large amounts of serotonin from their synapses in the brain. This flood of serotonin causes extreme relaxation and euphoria. It also releases dopamine and blocks its reuptake. Much like crystal meth but it ecstasy is more potent of a serotonin drug. lastly there is talk that ecstasy releases oxytocin in the brain which has to do with love, trust, and bonding.

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