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  • Answer: you can most likely find one at your local wal-mart
  • Answer: Shadow is indifferent to Rouge.
  • Answer: Blaze and Shadow have not met in canon storylines. They did meet once in the Sonic Universe series created by Archie and then they are shown to have a general respect for one another, but this is not canon towards the games.
  • Answer: Fault 34 meant a battery disconnect had been performed at some point in the past. This fault is normally followed by fault 55 which stands for "end of fault codes"
  • Answer: Rouge.

  • Answer: Answer #1:
    it means you have angered the sun god, and must pay sacrifice
    to please him/her.
    Answer #2:
    It means that the main source of illumination in your presentenvironment
    is on the other side of you.
  • Answer: Buy and Amazonm both sell shadow headphones.
  • Answer: Dodge
  • Answer: Shadow is in love with a girl named Kyleigh Ozliswimski (i think i spelled the last name wrong sorry !) :(
  • Answer:
    United Kindom
    The UK shadow cabinet is the front bench of the official parliamentary opposition party. It seeks to present itself as an alternative government for the next general election. It grew out of the practice that developed in the late nineteenth century of the ex-cabinet continuing to meet after election defeat in order to lead the opposition against the new cabinet. Since the 1950s it has become a key dimension of the formalized process of parliamentary adversarial politics. A Labour shadow cabinet would be based on members elected by the parliamentary Labour Party, whilst a Conservative shadow cabinet is appointed by the party leader
    In Canada
    The leader of an opposition party in parliament or in a provincial legislative assembly in Canada may choose members of his caucus or party to serve as critics of specific departments, portfolios or subject areas. These critics are collectively called a shadow cabinet. Critics gain expertise on the policies and issues related to the specific subject area and ask questions and provide advice and criticism both inside and outside the legislature.
  • Answer: Well, if you are looking for a person shape, simply place a baby into the fireworks placing a white burning metal such as copper behind it so when it lights up behind the baby, it will produce a great shadow in the smoke and dust
  • Answer: Of course.They have met in archie comics and if u see in archie comics #23 look at Blaze at 6:00.Her tall and ears are bigger that they used to be and there are also many proofs in comics #1,#21-24.
  • Answer: Phalanx is the 13th Colossus to defeat

What causes shadow above lip?

  • The shadow on above lip or dark skin on upper lip causes waxing orexposure to the sun, for women it will be experienced during orafter pregnancy. It causes hormonal imbalances for women aftertaking pills and allergic reactions to make up, cosmetics, andmedications.

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  • Answer: how could that be possible??, does 1100 equal 750??, maybe only if you include the pistons, heads, valves, etc., etc. like the whole top end.
  • Answer: Shadow the Hedgehog loves to have Flashbacks of his BFFF Maria and randomly talk to himself and say he is the ultimate lifeform until Sonic comes to annoy him. XD
  • Answer: The shadow on above lip or dark skin on upper lip causes waxing orexposure to the sun, for women it will be experienced during orafter pregnancy. It causes hormonal imbalances for women aftertaking pills and allergic reactions to make up, cosmetics, andmedications.
  • Answer: source of light and object impenetrable by light
    Neither side has filed but she is dating Brian Williams and Matt laurer.
    If you notice, she is no longer wearing her wedding rings.
    No. They do fight a little though. They fight a lot during the renovation on their house.
    Is this about the sonic world??
  • Answer: A shadow story is a story of the past, something like titanic, they are generally not very nice stories and they are most likelly to involve death or deaths
  • Answer: yes he does its shadsi the hedgehog she is comming up in shadow the hedgehog-and the mistery girl well its a DVD
  • Answer: Lets ask Daniel Alvares
    Daniel Alvares says:

    Well shadow is my favorite but shadow is the ultimate life form he cant die but silver is strong.

    Good things about shadow:

    He got good attacks-chaos control-chaos blast-chaos spear
    He natrully fast
    He got attitude
    He looks cool
    He strong
    He good
    He is evil :D

    Bad things about shadow :(

    He cant remember his past
    He got a gun

    Good things about silver

    He is smart
    He got good attacks~well kinda
    He looks cool
    Bad things about silver

    He got rubbish attacks
    He weak

    I think shadow is better hes my fav and im a boy Daniel Alvares
  • Answer: actually they both HATE each other there is also some random fan art pointing to this conclusion. such as one made by "megashadowfan12" it is a picture of shadow giving silver a good old spanking (silvers butt is red!) lol
  • Answer: Shadow is indifferent to Rouge.
  • Answer: Not all naturally occurring phenomenon can or should be considered to be supernatural in origin.
    Before assuming the shadow has occult causality, check the room.

    Shadows are generally cast by a light source, however, not all light sources are as obvious as a light bulb or candle in a room.
    The light casting the shadow may be reflected in a mirror or other shiny (and therefore reflective) surface.
    It may be from a secondary light source, for example the moon or a street light shining in a window from an angle that makes it less obvious from where you are in the room.

    Shadows that are accompanied by localized temperature changes in the room; move on their own without being caused by say a tree blowing in the wind outside; or appear in a room that has no non-metaphysical light sources MIGHT be of supernatural origin.
  • Answer: Shadow Imaging is a digital imaging company specializing in time-lapse
    photography of complex projects within the construction and media industries
  • Answer: Yes, In The Legend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Spyro & Cynder Are Equipped with ELEMENT powers not normal powers Ex: Shape Shift, Time Stop, World Freeze Etc. Natural findings on earth are technechally element powers Ex: Water Ice Fire Earth ( rocks and such) But That Rule Doesnt Apply To All.