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  • Answer: Water because your body is more water than anything else.
  • Answer: Nutrient over enrichment (eutrophication) is the contamination of water by nutrients such as phosphates and nitrogen which encourage algal growth,. The algae eventually forms algae "blooms" or masses of floating and rotting algae which rob te water of oxygen
  • Answer: Withous water, humans (and all animals) perish quickly. After that, carbohydrates are needed for energy, followed by protein and essential fats, as well as needed vitamins and minerals.

    Water is the most important substance and it is found in most liquids and foods. Protein is very important for energy and healing. Fat is good for energy and carbohydrates are good for energy. So nutrient would have to be protein and substance would have to be water.

    The body is 60% water.
  • Answer: jess is cool
  • Answer: For they Weight i Guess... Hey this Ya Girl Minnie Pryor From Grenada, Ms. Yall...
  • Answer: Malnutrition results from not getting enough nutrients, whileeating too much could lead to obesity. Both of these could lead tothe deterioration of the body.
  • Answer: Glucose is the nutrient that provides energy.
  • Answer: Yes, it is. Very important one too.
  • Answer: It depends on how you define nutrient. Oxygen is an oxidizing agent. The foods you eat are generally reducing agents. Reducing agents and oxidizing agents react to form new compounds with the release of energy. I suppose it could be considered a nutrient but this term is usually used for the energy containing component of food.
  • Answer: Non-nutrient substances are biologically active substances. Theseare classified as antioxidants; vitamins A,C, and E, flavonoids,and phytoestrogens, soybean, rapeseed and flax.
  • Answer: Cellulose (plant fiber)
  • Answer: water is a nutrient since it does jobs just like other nutrients.for example, proteins help to build cells and tissues, in the same way one of the ways water helps us is in passing urine 
  • Answer: I believe a high grade fish oil would be the best, taken perhaps with a Vitamin D.
  • Answer: Mother would say in the kitchen while making ryes and pumpernickels, the whiter the bread the faster your dead.

What is over nutrient?

  • basically it is called over intake of nutrients (OIN) which refers to over intake of food of same type for example continuous eating of any food rich in vit-D. usually over intake of food results in obesity which is called the mother disease and can cause heart disease,diabites e.t.c. mostly obesity is caused by increase in intake of vit-A and D (they are converted by liver into fats).

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