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  • Answer: Think of it this way. Prevention of a disease is more effective than getting everyone sick and treating them individually. :)
  • Answer: Health education means that you learn about many forms of being healthy and how to keep healthy.public health means the general health of the general public.
  • Answer: Public health insurance is very nice for those who cannot afford their own insurance. The benefits of private health insurance absolutely depend on what country you are in. However, in general benefits may include: not waiting so long for elective surgery, doctors you choose and trust, more available doctors, privacy, being seen more quickly, and generally better care is expected.
  • Answer: depends what you want them for. telecoms = phones, network = internet
  • Answer: Typically, no. An Aerospace Engineer and Aircraft Engineer are 2 different things in the same category. An Aerospace Engineer works on designing, creating, and brainstorming ideas on airplanes, and objects that fly in the Atmosphere, and no farther than Suborbital (Aeronautical Engineer). Another thing they do is design, build and brainstorm Rockets, Orbital Spacecraft, lunar and planetary landers, Space and Deep Space Probes, and Orbital Satellites. They also have different degrees. But they all focus on aircraft.
  • Answer: Public Health Bag is an essential and indispensable equipment of a public health nurse which he/she has to carry along when he/she goes out home visiting.It contains basic medications and articles which are necessary for giving care.Bag technique is performed in order to render an effective nursing care to clients and/or members of the family during home visit.
  • Answer: Contact county health department for the rate, usually hourly. 145 per hour in Riverside county.
  • Answer: Public health programs address the social, economic, and environmental factors that affect health. There are 4 major aspects to public health:
    1. Health surveillance - monitoring the health status of the population and providing information for planning, implementing and evaluating health strategies;
    2. Health protection - identifying, reducing and eliminating hazards and risks to the health of individuals in the community, including those posed by communicable diseases and food-borne, drug and environmental hazards;
    3. Disease and injury prevention - providing appropriate information and early intervention services to prevent the onset of disease and injury; and
    4. Health promotion - enabling healthy choices and developing healthy and supportive environments.

  • Answer: Routine inspection if applies or you were reported.
  • Answer: They help public health by giving them updates on the latest diseases and what to do so you do not get diseases
  • Answer: The components of public health are:

    1. control of environmental health risks say pollutive agents, carcinogenic agents

    2. appraisal and regulation of health risks associated with emergent technology, biotechnology. GM foods for example

    3. providing food security and nutrition

    4. regulation of hazardous products

    5. control and regulation of infectious diseases

    6. access to health services and medicines

  • Answer: 60 is the age for middle health apprently
  • Answer: Public Health ensures a healthy neighbourhood, a healthy society and a healthy nation. We would be interested in public health because if our surrounding people are healthy and if our surroundings are healthy we can remain healthy.

Who is public health engineer?

  • Public health Engineers are engineers who specializes in the application of engineering designs, infrastructure, services and measures to achieve environmental pollution control for the benefit of mankind and the society at large.
    A public health Engineer contributes to the study of pollution on the environment are they are responsible for designing, operating and maintaining pollution and controlling systems and water supply systems.

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