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How many miles are there between North Augusta SC and Augusta GA?

  • It is 4.4 miles according to Google Maps,

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  • Answer: It is 4.4 miles according to Google Maps,
  • Answer: 2,313 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-20 WEST from North Augusta to I-10 WEST to EL PASO at END I-20 in Western TEXAS. To bypass Birmingham, take I-459 SOUTH (EXIT 136 off I-20 in ALABAMA; follow signs to I-459 SOUTH to MONTGOMERY and TUSCALOOSA). To bypass Shreveport, take I-220 WEST - BYPASS. (Take EXIT 26 off I-20 in LOUISIANA to get onto I-220 WEST - BYPASS; then exit at EXIT 1B off I-20 to continue WEST on I-20 towards DALLAS.)
    2. Take I-10 WEST to SR-62 to 29 PALMS and YUCCA VALLEY at EXIT 117. To bypass Phoenix follow the PHOENIX BYPASS ROUTE {I-8 WEST [EXIT 199] & AZ-85 NORTH [EXIT 119 off I-8; follow signs to AZ-85 NORTH and I-10, then take AZ-85 (33 miles) NORTH to I-10 WEST to LOS ANGELES].}
    3. Take SR-62 to 29 PALMS.

  • Answer: 245 miles taking this route:
    1. Take U.S. 321 SOUTH, from Blowing Rock, to I-85 NORTH to CHARLOTTE.
    2. Take I-85 NORTH to I-77 SOUTH to COLUMBIA, via I-485 SOUTH to bypass CHARLOTTE (EXIT 30 off I-85 to get onto I-485, stay right on the exit ramp and go onto I-485 SOUTH to COLUMBIA (via I-77) ; EXIT 67 off I-485 to get onto I-77, follow signs to I-77 SOUTH to COLUMBIA.
    3. Take I-77 SOUTH to I-20 WEST to AUGUSTA at EXIT 18 in SOUTH CAROLINA, outside of Columbia.
    4. Take I-20 WEST to AUGUSTA.

  • Answer: 460 miles taking this route:
    1. Take U.S. 64 WEST, from Nags Head, to I-95 SOUTH to FAYETTEVILLE at EXIT 464A.
    3. Take I-20 WEST to NORTH AUGUSTA.

  • Answer: 167 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-20 WEST, from North Augusta, to I-285 NORTH ATLANTA BYPASS off EXIT 67B.
    2. Take I-285, around ATLANTA, to I-75 off EXIT 20. Follow signs to I-75 NORTH to CHATTANOOGA.
    3. Take I-75 NORTH to Marietta.

  • Answer: It is 134 miles according to Google Maps.
  • Answer: The driving distance is approximately 150 road miles - about 3 hours of driving time, depending on your average speed and what route(s) you take.
  • Answer: how many miles is it from Atlanta Georgia to Augusta Georgia
  • Answer:

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  • Answer: 171 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-20 WEST, from Augusta, to SR-142 to COVINGTON and OXFORD off EXIT 93; turn left off the exit ramp.
    2. Follow the bypass road, around COVINGTON, to SR-36; turn left onto SR-36 SOUTH.
    3. Take SR-36 SOUTH to Thomaston.

  • Answer: about 20-25 miles or so. You can either go across I-20 or U.S. 1/78.
  • Answer: It is 610 miles according to Google Maps.
  • Answer: how many miles is it from Augusta to Olympia
  • Answer: 64.9 45 minutes to an hour give or take
  • Answer: Depends on which Augusta. If you are referring to Augusta, GA, it is 866 miles taking this route:
    1. Leave Chicago and enter into INDIANA via either I-90 INDIANA TOLL ROAD (and the Chicago Skyway (toll)) or via I-94 EAST, and take either I-90 TOLL ROAD or I-94 EAST to I-65 SOUTH to INDIANAPOLIS at either EXIT 17 (off of I-90 TOLL ROAD) or EXIT 11 (off I-80/I-94).
    2. Take I-65 SOUTH to I-24 EAST to CHATTANOOGA at EXIT 86 in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, via I-465 SOUTH to bypass INDIANAPOLIS (EXIT 123 off I-65 in INDIANA to get onto I-465 SOUTH ; EXIT 53B off I-465 to continue on I-65 SOUTH to LOUISVILLE).
    3. Take I-24 EAST to I-75 SOUTH to ATLANTA ta EXIT 185A in CHATTANOOGA.
    4. Take I-75 SOUTH to I-20 EAST to AUGUSTA, via I-285 EAST ATLANTA BYPASS to bypass Atlanta, GA (EXIT 259 off I-75 in GEORGIA to get onto I-285 ATLANTA BYPASS, follow signs to I-285 EAST BYPASS to AUGUSTA ; EXIT 46 off I-285 to get onto I-20 EAST to AUGUSTA).
    5. Take I-20 EAST to Augusta.