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  • Answer: Ulcers are typically detected by a barium swallow, upper endoscopy, or even a CT scan. Treatment can include medicine to kill the bacteria that caused the ulcer. Also, acid reducing medication (such as Rinatadine) can be used. And treatment can be administered through the endoscope.
    The endoscope, btw, is a lighted tube that snakes into the stomach from the mouth. It has a light and a camera on it so the doctor can see what is going on.
  • Answer: if you are getting mouth ulcers under neath your tongue try some ambosol you can get it from the chemist
  • Answer: For ulcer with sharp splinter like pain homeopathy medicine Acid nitric 6; 4 30 size pills to be taken every 3 hours in the day for 2 to 3 days will root out the problem.
  • Answer: put a small amount of table salt onto your finger, then gently rub into the ulcer.
    This will hurt for a few minutes, however it will go, i promise.
  • Answer: Mouth ulcers are often related to stress, but also simple things like the toothpaste you use.
    If you believe it could be one of the aforementioned then try changing. Alongside this swill and gargle salty water or get some Bonjela.
  • Answer: It may be an issue with you being deficient in vitamins, foodallergies or it may be an issue with germs and immune compromise.Eat a healthy diet, and use a mouth wash that kills the germs.
  • Answer: mouth ulcers are supre painful and annoying i cant even talk ouch!
  • Answer: A good way to get rid of Ulcer is to pour warm water in a glass with quite a lot of salt and mix it until it dissolves, Then gurgle in your mouth for about 15 seconds(Which might sting a bit)This will then numb the pain and also will heal it in a week if you do this every day
  • Answer: yes they are you bimbo
  • Answer: If the ulcers are found in the mouth, they are called: aphthous ulcers - usually acquired via oral secretions from an infected individual. If the ulcers are found outside the mouth, this is called: herpetic stomatitis - which is also acquired via oral secretions from an infected person.
  • Answer: Ulcerations hurt because they result from a lack of healthy skin over a certain area. Without appropriate skin coverage the nerves are exposed and inflamed, causing pain in the area.
  • Answer: Severe ulcers caused by leprosy may be treated surgically with small skin grafts.
  • Answer: i have been having some pregnancy symptoms but have not been trying to get my hopes up. i have some painful mouth sores and have been wondering as well if they are a symptom of pregnancy,i looked around on line and people go both ways on the answer to this question. Alot of women say that they had them alot more than normal when they were pregnant and some sites say that they are due normaly, pregnant or not, to being mentaly stressed or tired which happens alot when you are pregnant. so that is my best answer for you, but i am searching myself and if i find out more i will put it up. Good Luckive read bleeding gums are a common in preg women, so it could very well be

How mouth ulcers are treated by somogel?

  • Umm because it is antiseptic? :p

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  • Answer: Umm because it is antiseptic? :p
  • Answer: i read that water and salt helps and some ppl use some vodka for the pain.
  • Answer: Gastric ulcers are often treated with a distal gastrectomy, followed by gastroduodenostomy or gastrojejunostomy,
  • Answer: Gut ulcers are commonly caused by an organism called Helicobacter pylori. You can test for this by doing a Urea breath test. If it is H. pylori, it can be treated with a combination of antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor drug.

    The most important thing you can do to treat a gut ulcer is to eat properly (less fatty food, less alcohol) and stop smoking. This is vital as otherwise you run the risk of the ulcer rupturing and bleeding. If it bleeds you will become anaemic and require treatment for that.

    Also, gut ulcers have kids called mini ulcers that run around in the playground
  • Answer: Mouth ulcers can result from extremely bad oral hygiene, which is to say, allowing food residue to remain in your mouth for a long period of time, without brushing your teeth or otherwise cleaning out your mouth. If your dental hygiene is good, but you developed mouth ulcers anyway, that could indicate a more serious underlying problem such as damage to your immune system, possibly as a result of HIV.
  • Answer: Answer viruses viral infection herpes simplex the virus seats its self at the root of a nerve after the initial infection and for some unknown reason sometimes stress related erupts to the surface then retreats back.
  • Answer: Very little amount of sleep, drinking less amount of water,eating spicy food and applying of water in the hair is less are few important causes for mouth ulcers.
  • Answer: No I do not think so
  • Answer: Mouth Ulcers can also be triggered by a number of factors such asemotional pain or stress, fatigue, physical injury to the mouth(often by biting the cheek, or from dental work), and dietarydeficiencies (most commonly a lack of vitamin B12, iron and folicacid).

    It is also fairly common to develop canker sores during hormonalchanges such as menstruation and pregnancy and to have themco-occur with another viral or bacterial infection. While mostpeople just develop the mouth ulcers, others may experienceadditional symptoms such as fatigue, swollen glands, and in rarercases, a fever might be present. The best way to treatment is tohave lot of roughage and diet which is full of Vitamin b12, iron& folic acid. People who eat lot of chicken also get Ulcers inmouth, some time people who are earting raw beef/chicken get ulcersin the stomach which is very dangerous.
  • Answer: Low amounts of Vitamin A, or high amounts of acid can cause mouth ulcers to form.
  • Answer: Not as much popping, as scraping or cutting off. *warning* It is painful. The common procedure is scraping or cutting the white part off (which is the source of the infection). It is recommended to use something like a toothbrush with quite a few painkillers.
  • Answer: food knives or bacteria
  • Answer: H. pylori peptic ulcers are treated with drugs to kill the bacteria, drugs to reduce stomach acid, and drugs to protect the lining of the stomach.