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  • Answer: most people die by riding on a ATV non supervised
  • Answer: you know about computers and there are like the future i think there is no cons i dont think
  • Answer: advantages;

    easy to use.

    easily move able.
    u use the cd in many computer like laptop etc.


    easily damage.
    un removeable.
    save limited data.
  • Answer: Advantages: reliability and trust
    Disadvantages: expensive
  • Answer: it is cheap and like affordable and people do not have to spend loads on it although blu-ray discs are better
  • Answer: The advantage is that it has better overall performance foroff-road driving. This car model also has easy modifications. Itsdrawback is that it has high financing rates.
  • Answer: The main advantage of a used car is that you can buy it for a cheap price with minimum damage in it while the disadvantages of it is there is no guarantee that the used car will last in its condition and the warranty of that used car have been already lapsed.

    Now days petrol car have less price and disel have high and price fluale is wise-wars a so used disel car its better option and now big auto mobile companies are open the multi brands used car store in this store you gate 1 year warranty so I would recommend used car
  • Answer: Disadvantages no woman understands how much it hurts being racked.Advantages:Higher Pay,Better Job,Taken moreseriously,stronger,faster,(NBA vs WNBA) You can go out with alot ofgirls and still be respected whereas if you do that and your a guy,you would most likely be reffered to as a h0e.
  • Answer: There are real advantages to buying a used car. The buyer of a used
    car avoids some of the depreciation costs, which can be up to 40%
    of its value in the first two years. Sometimes, buyers can afford more
    options and luxury items when they purchase a used car. Many
    consumers feel that they can arrange a better deal with less hassle if
    they buy directly from the owner of the car.

    Buying a used car can have disadvantages as well. One important
    disadvantage is that often the most maintenance-free time of the
    cars life is during the first two years. Some used cars have serious
    hidden defects with limited or no warranty coverage. It is sometimes
    difficult to determine whether the car was maintained properly by its
    previous owner. The used car may not have all the desirable safety
    or technical features of a new car. The selection of models,
    equipment, and colors may be limited.
  • Answer: A DVD-RAM is longlasting and can be rewritten over a lot of times. Also it comes i a case so that it does not get damaged.
  • Answer: its to coming 3rd world war
  • Answer: Advantages are that you can easily get around and itz comfortable. Like think bout ure car n how u use it!
    disadvantages: global warming, dont walk around as much, health is a bog concern n so is pollution ;)
  • Answer: - 1. CD-ROMs provide large storage for data in comparison to the floppy disks.
    - 2. It stores data ranging from 650MB to 800MB
    - 3. Content can be edited or changed

What is advantages that a sexual organisms have that helps them to overcome these disadvantages?

  • They have higher reproductive rates.

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