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  • Answer: I think that motorcycle death rates would be much higher than skydiving death rates. There are roughly 30 deaths for the year of 2008 in skydiving, according to most of the skydiving websites on the internet. Motorcycle fatalities are sure to be higher due to the fact that more people ride motorcycles than skydive. The sport of skydiving involves extensive schooling and training whereas most people who ride motorcycles learn pretty much from relatives and friends how to ride a motorcycle. Most skydiving fatalities are usually attributed by the skydivers error it is unfortunate but usually true. Motorcycle fatalities are somtimes attributed by the drivers error but many fatalities are attributed by other drivers such as those who drive cars. It is much more dangerous to drive a motorcycle because you stand a greater chance of being killed by others drivers but in skydiving the only one who basically kill you is yourself. I have done both skydived and driven on motorcycles and although both are dangerous sports I can honestly say that in skydiving I can make sure that I will safely because it is my ultimate duty to make sure all safety precautions have been taken, this is not so regarding driving my motorcycle. Why? I can make sure all safety precautions are taken when I am riding my mortorcycle but I am literally at the mercy of the other drivers around me.
  • Answer: cuz u cant hold it
  • Answer: Cause you never clean your car so therefore it reaks of pollenated worm juice
  • Answer: you dont a couch will fix you
  • Answer: A cough can go upto 12 feet.
    It also oes upto 100 miles per hour..
    That is pretty far and fast
  • Answer: suck on a cough drop.
  • Answer: How far does a cough go
  • Answer: When I took the foodsafe course we were told that the germs from a cough can travel up to 12 feet in EVERY direction around you
  • Answer: put a gob of vicks vapo rub on your feet and then put socks on, works everytime!
  • Answer: calpol or any good cough medicne from a pharmacy
  • Answer: by the "whooping" sound a person makes from trying to breath after having a coughing fit.
  • Answer: Whooping cough(or pertussis) is caused by a bacteria called Bordetella pertussis. When an infected person coughes or sneezes, the bacteria moves through the air. This is the reason Pertussis is an extremely contagious disease.
  • Answer: You can quiet a cough by covering your mouth.
  • Answer: Most of the time, a bacteria called bordetella pertussis is inhaled, colonizes your lungs and then you get the characteristic whooping cough.
  • Answer: The early stage of pertussis (the catarrhal stage) is characterised by a fever, achiness and runny nose. People will usually but not always have a cough.

    The later stages (mostly the paroxysmal stage) are what are famous for severe coughing.

Can you cough to death?

  • Yes! If one had pre-existing conditions of a respiratory nature. It is also possible for one to indirectly have say a fatal vehicular while coughing or choking and losing control of an automobile, for example. (this is anlaogy to an accident caused by somehone having a stroke or heart attack at the wheel) it can happen and indireclty the coughing could be a causal angle. Another answer Whooping cough kills plenty.

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