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  • Answer: sydney alexandra burt is the answer....
  • Answer: Union lost , Confederate won.
  • Answer: Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson[1] (January 21, 1824[2] - May 10, 1863) was a Confederategeneral during the American Civil War, and one of the best-known Confederate commanders after General Robert E. Lee. ... He excelled as well in other battles: the First Battle of Bull Run (where he received his famous nickname "Stonewall"),Second Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredericksburg.
  • Answer: Gerard Bull was made plane and smart human Answer Gerard Bull is a scientist who build a super cannon for the Iraqis that could launch a projectile 1000km.Link: http:/ Answer Gerard Bull was a ballistics genius who believed that a gun could do all the things a missile could do- including launch intercontinental projectiles (and shoot them down).

    He built some experimental guns for the US Navy, but the DoD later rejected the program due to the size and immobility of facilities required.

    He then developed a most advanced artillery gun in the G5, and got involved in an Iraqi project to produce a gun of phenomenal range.

    When his project did not go as well as planned he ended up helping the Iraqi ballistic missile program to increase his standing with the Iraqis.

    After a warning was ignored he was killed by Israeli Mossad agents.
  • Answer: q: are aloud pit bulls in michigan .
    yes. It is illegal to own a Pit Bull in the state of Michigan.Although they are trying to ban Pit Bulls in some states, notincluding Michigan; the law has NOT been passed.
  • Answer: Arnold Swortiniger started bull riding in 1983.
  • Answer: Spain, Portugal and southern France during the summer.
    the 9 day festival of san fermin de pamplona in Spain July 6-14
  • Answer: I assume you are referring to the Maine and New Hampshire stores that sell new & pre-owned music, movies, and video games. The price paid varies significantly from CD to CD, based on the popularity and condition of the CD.
  • Answer: because people in those days did dent Have TV like we do now so to keep the selfs occupied they did bull baiting
  • Answer: I had this same problem, and the fix is quite simple. Shove it up your ass.I had this same problem, and the fix is quite simple. Shove it up your ass.
  • Answer: No.
  • Answer: A bull who sings ballads has a? Well hm let me think! OH yeah if you want to find the answer to that question i will give you a clue it starts with (mellow) but the whole answer is (MELLOW BELLOW!)
  • Answer: The Progressive Party of 1912, or more commonly known as the Bull Moose Party was after Taft was elected and most people were now unhappy so Teddy pulled some people together, mostly progressives, and ended up getting himself back on the ballot in the next election.
  • Answer: You use whichever hand is stronger and more comfortable for you to use.I was told, if you write with your right hand, you use your left hand to grip the bull rope. You have a lot more balance and control by using your right hand balancing and visa versa.

Can a Bull get Mad Cow Disease?

  • no

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