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  • Answer: Normal body temperature is typically said to be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees celsius. Slight variations are also normal, and the reading can change based on the location where the temperature was taken (mouth, armpit, etc.).
  • Answer: 108, I believe is the highest the body can handle before it dies. Anything above 104 you should seek immediate medical attention for.

    The approximate time would be very short because the proteins in the body begin to die at about 105 degrees and the brain will begin to shut down at such a high temperature because the body can no longer cool itself.
  • Answer: Adderall is an amphetamine, so it can cause an increase in body temperature.
  • Answer: Your body temperature is not 35, it is 37.
    37 degrees Celsius is the optimum temperature for the enzymes inthe body to work at. These enzymes help with such things asdigestion. If the body temperature is too hot or too cold, theenzymes will not function properly due the the temperature extremeschanging the shape of them. (See lock and key fit)
  • Answer: Yes, it can, by one or the other, or both. Arrhythmia can resultfrom elevated body temperature because that affects theelectrolytes that conduct the signal to the heart as well ascontraction in the cardiac muscle. Drugs will also do the samething by chemical interaction with neurotransmitters.
  • Answer: This may sound like I think you are dumb, but I do not, I have been caught by each of these:
    1. Did you change the correct sensor? Both my cars and my truck have separate senders for the computer, the light and the gauge.
    2. Did you get the correct replacement part? An incorrect sensor can cause the gauge to: operate backwards, stick hot or cold, not operate at all. And to make this more fun the sender will look identical to the correct one except for the part number.
    3. Did you check the gauge while the sensor was unplugged? It should drop to cold when the sensor is unplugged. If not you have a bad gauge or a wiring fault, or both as a wiring fault can ruin the gauge.
    4. Final test, disconnect the gauge from the wiring at the gauge, does the needle drop? No then replace gauge. If does drop figure out where the incorrect indication is coming from.

  • Answer: For land temp, wet your finger then hold it up in the air.

    For water temp, Dip your toe in the water>
  • Answer: You probably need a new thermostat. It is an inexpensive part that regulates when to let water flow through the engine to cool it. It goes in the hose that is connects the engine to the radiator. The hose is connected to the engine and it feeds water to the radiator. The thermostat is located on inside the engine side of the hose and it is actually connected to the engine.
  • Answer: Yes it is a fever if it is 100.0 or higher
  • Answer: The reason why you get a fever is because when you have a cold, your bloodstream has to move really fast to deliver white blood cells to the areas with a lot od viruses. This rapid movemeny creates heat, which creates a fever.
  • Answer: When there are any harfull bacteria in your body .temp rises and kill them with heat
  • Answer: cover up with 3 or more blankets and sweat it out
  • Answer: It gives you rashes and a swelling tounge!

Is a body temp 96.6 okay after a fever?

  • I believe so

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