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  • Answer: I had an interview recently to study midwifery in university and when asked this question this is the answer I gave. I grew up in a place of low economical background where very little women were educated, when they became pregnant they did not know the dangers of miss-using substances like drugs and alcohol which had an effect on themselves and their babies such as miscarriages and still births. This was when I first decided I want to help women like them to make the best choices for themselves and their babies throughout the pregnancy to bring their baby into the world as healthy as possible. Is this a good answer? I said something along these lines, i was quite nervous so I might have worded it differently.
  • Answer: The job of a midwife is to play a key role in the pre and post natal care of mother and child during labor and delivery. The midwife also provides emotional support for the mother and family.
  • Answer: A person who serves as an attendant at childbirth but is not a physician. Some midwives (called certified nurse midwives) are trained in university programs, which usually require previous education in nursing; others (called lay midwives) learn their skills through apprenticeship

  • Answer: i once new a guy who new this gurl who new this guy that was in love with his cuzens friend and he deliverd his own baby in his bathtube ...
  • Answer: well you at least need to have a bachelor , master, or a doctoral degree.,
    with midwife and nursing experience
  • Answer: in our place you need to
    study a college degree Midwifery for 4 years to become a midwife
  • Answer: No, there are alot of "Nurse Midwives" but you dont have to be a nurse to be one. just get your schooling and alot of experence -the Philippines are a great place to go for that, I delivered over 100 babies there within 6 months- dont put yourself through the trouble of becomeing a nurse then a midwife. Nurse Midwives are people that were nurses then took up midwifery.Good Luck!
  • Answer: A midwife can work in a hospital (if she is a certified nurse midwife), at a birthing center, or even in the clients own home. It is all about what make the mom to be feel the most comfortable.
  • Answer: there is school just like medical school. you must complete. try being an rn first. if you can handle that then look into being a midwife.
  • Answer: What personality is needed when you are midwife
  • Answer: There is not a set paycheck for a midwife. There are several component to consider such as his/her level of formal education, state or town, his/her years in the field, employed in hospital or office, and their reupation.
  • Answer: Midwives generally have training in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, pathology, and diagnostics. A nurse-midwife may have prescriptive authority, in which case she would have training in pharmacology. It really depends on what type of midwife you want to be, and whether you pursue a nurse-midwife or professional midwife course.
  • Answer: the wages of a midwife is £122:00 a month.?xx
  • Answer: Sciences are very relevant to midwifery - human biology is perhaps the most relevant but the cross over with psychology and sociology are also pretty obvious.
  • Answer: Trainings related to their profession like Basic life support in Obstetrics.

Can a midwife give an epidural?

  • No, neither can an obstetrician. Only an anesthesiologist can.

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