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  • Answer: Puts you in a state of euphoria and relaxation. Smoke it. :) and makes u feel like this lol
  • Answer: There has never been a confirmed death from cannabis use but a small number of people have died indirectly due to inhalation of their own vomit. The toxicity of cannabinoids is very low but as cannabis can affect your motor skills caution should be taken. There is not any data on people who have only smoked cannabis which means it is impossible to determine any link with cancer but it is probably is not very good for your lungs.
  • Answer: Instead, marijuana originated in the middle east. China used it as an anesthetic about 5,000 years ago.

    Marijuana also comes from Africa, where they eat/smoke/and dissolve the plant in certain liquids.

    Note: Marijuana is derived from the Cannabis plant, so saying where marijuana came from is about the same thing as where cannabis came from.
    marijuana is basically a flower from a plant they mash it up and add chemicals and boom u get marijuana
  • Answer: its not
  • Answer: weed comes from the ground
  • Answer: Depends on what you mean
    The immediate effects: you will get high; you can hallucinate, get giggles, munchies etc. You may become philosophical or become focused on something, then again you may just drift off and day dream. Things may feel great by touch, you may get hot or cold or tired (this can be positive cos you have a great sleep but if you want to stay awake then its a negative). There are some negatives such as dry mouth. Mianly, you become a happier, more sociable person especially compared to someone who is drunk and making a fool of themselves or being violent.
    Long term affects: gateway drug theory - some believe it is a gateway drug however most go on to harder drugs because of the crowds they hang around with. Addiction theory - cannabis is less addictive than chocolate or caffeine however many claim you can be addicted to it, this is because of the tobacco people smoke in spliffs with it. Apparently it can alos affect your motivation but that affects people who smoke it all the time; personally, i find the occaisional spliff before a task makes it far easier.
  • Answer: Stop smoking it
  • Answer: cannabis can be smoked, in rolling papers called skins, mixed with tobacco, also used in a bong , which now a days people use vapourisers, which is smoke free and you still get stoned!!!!haha or you can eat it, old people do mix cannabis in with snacks meal etc; to relax them, and if they have arthritis it also helps them, also the quick and small pipes.:)
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  • Answer: Pretty much anyone, including children, could potentially benefit from the potential medical benefits of Cannabis. Unfortunately Cannabis is listed as a class 1 Narcotic, which makes research on the potential medical benefits of Cannabis very difficult.
  • Answer: You cough a lot, then you smile a giggle and become kinda quiet. you get hungry and usually after you eat you fall asleep. It also relaxes ou somewhat and you find that watching tv is much more amusing than when not high.
  • Answer: The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was signed into law by Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830. Basically, it allowed the President to reserve land West of the Mississippi for Indian reservations, so that white man could make room within current state borders.
    Now, some tribes went peacefully; however, not all liked the idea of being removed from their homes. It was this act that lead to the brute force removal of the Cherokee tribe in 1838 and 1839 known as the "Trail of Tears."
    The second Seminole War came into play in 1835. So, essentially, we saw many conflicts arising throughout the nation between white man and Indians of several tribes.
  • Answer: The "placebo effect" refers to positive benefits from inactive substances.  The "nocebo effect" refers to negative effects of inactive substances.  
  • Answer: 8.3 million were diagnosed last year.
  • Answer: pot.....hash...
  • Answer: it can do, yes

Does cannabis effect your mind?

  • yes think so

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  • Answer: yes think so
  • Answer: In no way at all as long as lots of water is drank and the food is clean
  • Answer: unless its controlled or taxed it does not add to the economy, just adds to undeclared money..but when spent will probably come back into the economy
  • Answer: Cannabis has little effect on someones health. About the only negative effect cannabis has is when you smoke it, it can be harmful to your lungs. But other than that it can also have positive effects on peoples health which is why it is now being used medically. It is used to stimulate someone to eat as well as a variety of other uses.

    The largest study of the health effects of marijuana to date was done by Kaiser Permanente. They studied the health records of 65,000 patients over a number of years. They found no significant differences between the health histories of those who smoked pot versus those who did not smoke marijuana.

    Marijuana and Mortality Every major government commission report on marijuana from around the world over the last 100 years has concluded that marijuana prohibition was based on racism, ignorance, and nonsense. They all said the marijuana laws should have been repealed long ago because they do more harm than good.They all said that marijuana is not a significant threat to health.
    Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy.
  • Answer: Most clubs will gladly accept your donation, and compensate you for what you contribute. It helps if you have established a consistent business relationship, and have built a reputation of trust.
  • Answer: State police have officially been instructed to adhere to state laws and not favor federal laws. While you may be hassled by some officers that are ignorant to the law, you cannot be arrested for possession of cannabis if you are able to present proper documentation from your doctor. God bless America.
  • Answer: Yes, this is Asexual Propagation (Cloning) which involves duplicating the plant and not exchanging genetics through sexual propagation. For instructions on how cloning works you should visit

    Keep in mind, while it is possible to get roots without anything but good water, you should use a rooting hormone and stimulator such as Clonex to help improve your cuttings chances of rooting.
  • Answer: No. Although it may be possible for the conscious mind to appear in torpor, there are still involuntary actions that the brain is thinking about and performing.
  • Answer: To increase personal power one must dwell on the positive instead of the negative. You must see the glass half full instead of half empty. Personal power comes from thinking positive and achieving a goal. Working towards an ideal desire is the key. Having a dream is an example of personal power with the intention of pursuing it!

    1. Start positive self talk.
    Say anything and everything to yourself that is positive.
    Talk about the person you want to become to yourself. But use the present tense "I"
    I am a millionaire, I love to think positive etc!

    2, Visualize yourself as the person you want to become.
    Close your eyes, Take 5 deep breathes and see yourself in your mind as Confident and incontrol!!
  • Answer: No. Mind reading is an art form practiced by people skilled a verbal sleight of hand.

    Meaning that it is an illusion.
  • Answer: Oh yes. Absolutely!
  • Answer: i did hahahahahahahah
  • Answer: about 35% of the population.
  • Answer: Because it is illegal if it were legal the cost would be drastically reduced.
  • Answer: Cannabis contains many different compounds. The compounds of greatest interest are known as cannabinoids. The most active cannabinoid is delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as delta-9-THC).