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  • Answer: Excuse me, where is my pet potato?
  • Answer: Brain surgery affects different aspects depending on where it is performed.
    The genious of the brain is fortunately that many areas will be ready to take over from the damaged parts. Brain surgery does not always cause much of a problem, but the likelyhood is that it will affect you one way or another.

    We know a lot about the brain these days and know what areas that are important for certain functions. People write entire books about this subject and it is too large a subject to explain in full here.

    Make a question about a particular part of the brain and you will most likely get a detailed answer as to the function of that part and eventual problems if performing surgery close to or in the tissue in that part of the brain.
  • Answer: Drug addiction, also referred to as drug dependence, is a disorder of the brain brought on by the use of psychoactive drugs. These drugs affect some of the normal processes in the brain related to perception, emotion, and motivation, thus affecting behaviour and thoughts.
  • Answer: The chemicals abused by inhalant users affect different parts of the brain, producing a variety of sensory and psychological disorders. Many inhalants are thought to dissolve the protective myelin sheath that surrounds neurons - brain cells - resulting in cell death. inhalants also can cause permanate personality changes, eye sight damage, and create learning disabilitys.
  • Answer: Some studies say that using a computer before going to bed will effect your ability to fall asleep. This is because when using a computer you see many images/ideas, such as emails, ads, games, etc. Your brain must then process all these images, etc. which takes a lot of work, thus your body is not completely relaxed because there is so much going on inside your head. It has been recommended not to go on the computer for about 30-60 minutes before you plan to go to sleep, this way the brain can process it all before you need to sleep. Also, the light from the computer can "trick" your brain into thinking its daytime... hope this helps.
  • Answer: Yes it is very highly deadly too.
  • Answer: increased motor skill
    decreased intelegence <-----------depends on the game

    Recent scientific tests have shown that video games actually improve hand/eye co-ordination in the young and can help with problem solving abilities.
  • Answer: yes, it does. It can give you brain damage and it is addictive

  • Answer: In general, disease typically increases slow activity, such as theta or delta waves, but decreases fast activity, such as alpha and beta waves
  • Answer: Well curry is a food which has many nutritional values. but the effect it has on the brain it astounding. people who eat curry about 2/3 times a week have improved concentration and focus on details, and overall their mental ability improves significantly.

  • Answer: no, i hate when people say "video games rot your brain"

    I agree. For example, People who play "Super Mario Galaxy" learn about Physics better than taking a test on Physics. The reason is because it is more interactive.
  • Answer: None.
    Might depress the mind though.

How does sleep effect your brain?

  • Sleeping is good for your brain because it is resting it. Getting enough sleep would make your brain healthy and you as well.

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  • Answer: Sleeping is good for your brain because it is resting it. Getting enough sleep would make your brain healthy and you as well.
  • Answer: When you sleep, your brain begins reorganising and getting ready for the following day. As your brain puts new knowledge in its "proper filing drawer" it continues to think. Your thoughts are not hindered by constant visual and aural stimuli so you can see and feel them better. You become part of your thoughts and they become dreams.
  • Answer: I think no because when some sleep some talking.
  • Answer: No, becuase it dreams which takes up a fair amount of power becuase of the imigination people use.
  • Answer: Not in any truly harmful sense, no, but too much sleep actually makes you lethargic, buzzy and "dopey", yeah. A regular schedule of bedtime and rising - and getting the right amount of sleep - makes a tremendous difference in how you feel when you wake up each day. Believe it.
  • Answer: when we are gng to sleep our brain will enter a new world at which it takes some memorable movements that may be occured in the future.
  • Answer: If a cockroach attempted to crawl into your ear while you slept, the sensation would most likely wake you up. I would imagine it would feel quite peculiar, and most likely uncomfortable, but take heart in the fact that a roach, being one of the larger insects, could not effectively fit into your ear and therefore could not reach your brain. Also, the ear does not directly connect to the brain, except via wires and nerves, and as such only microscopic organisms could manage the trip.
    My advice is to lay off the weed and hire a better exterminator if you have fears of bugs crawling in your ears at night.

    Godspeed son!
  • Answer: adults are meant to have at least 8 hours of sleep and children are meant ot haveat least 10 hours of sleep
  • Answer: it  slows down your thinking and it makes you not concentrate very well
  • Answer: The brain has nothing to do with your toes because
    a) the vaseline applied is external
    b) the brain nerves are not close to the toes
    c) sleeping is just body activities slowing down and has nothing to do with brain retardation
  • Answer: sorry, may be i cant tell much about it but depression effect brain person to person different. in the brain between neron some chemical liquid(like hormones) couse cominnication. if these hormones screted less or much than cycological disease like depression or the others can be begin. i mean chemical events inthe brain makes disease. depression is understanding with sadness, less or much sleeping, escape working or something to make lovely situations before, not enjoy anything etc. depression is not a reason it is decision. of course some events like losing someone to love or bad events may make easy to be enter a depression problem. i hope i help you.
  • Answer: Acid does not physically harm your brain. It binds to serotoninreceptors in the brain making people really happy. It helps youclear your head and lets you focus on one thing at a time.