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  • Answer: If you are contrasting the benefits of conventional versus alternative/complementary medicine, I believe each therapy has its place in the spectrum of wellness. Complementary medicine may be at its best in preventive strategies for health maintenance, such as lipoic acid for diabetes or lutein for eye health. Acute medical conditions such as arrhythmias or pneumonia will nearly always require conventional medications to stabilize heart action or as an antibiotic for a specific bacteria.
    Many types of folk medicine have even proven to be harmful, such as turpentine for wormsor most types of Chinese traditional herbal substances. Generally, the greatest concern lies with their inability to affect the ptognosis of a medical condition, which could allow the disease to progress and deteriorate. Also of concern is the potential for harm, as many substances from India which have been found to contain lead and other contaminants.
    You can check the NCCAM website for more studies relating to complementary medicine.
  • Answer: look at Japan.
  • Answer: any amount, about how much you can withstand
  • Answer: you are possibly looking at a symbol for gamma.
  • Answer: Yes. studies have shown that small amounts of micro wavelengths are in human urine.
  • Answer: electromagnetic radiation allows me to listen to the radio; heat radiation makes me warm at the beach; sound radiation carries your speech to me; ionizing radiation allows the sterilization of hospital supplies.
  • Answer: what is the meaning radition?
    radiation is a by product of nuclear energy which can be in the form of alpha,beta and gramma rays.radioisotopes emit radiation.

  • Answer: Radiation Safety is the profession and process of understanding and dealing safely with radiation. This includes agents such as radio waves, radar, microwave ovens, bright lights, lasers, tanning booths, ultra-violet curing lamps, mercury vapor lights, x-rays, and radioactive materials.
  • Answer: radiation is bad because it can kill people or if there is a lady who has a baby after, the baby might be mis-shapen
  • Answer: he glows.

    And then dies.
  • Answer: i need this one to answer give an example of radiation
  • Answer: UV radiation is very harmful in many ways, first off they are invisible rays that come from the sun, UV radiation is made of ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C (UVC). These rays burn skin and cause cancer. UVB and UVC penetrate the ozone layer. UVA and UVB cause skin cancer, for this reason, sunscreens are recommended that block UVA and UVB.
  • Answer: Additional info (Razor512):

    radioactive particles damage internal structures of cells, while in most cases the cell will just die, but if radiation hits a cell while it is dividing then it will damage the genetic info in the cell and you can either end up with a non functioning cell which dies, or a cancer cell that does the wrong thing and makes you very sick.

    If you look at cases such as the Chernobyl disaster, you will see cases of people having their skin fall off due to the damage caused by radioactive particles.

    radiation destroys pretty much any type of biological cell and enough of it will dissolve skin and bone (and a high enough output can even eat away at metal).

Why is radiation used in medicine?

  • because it slows it down like with cancer

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