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  • Answer: Depends on your nose, you have to try. Then dial 911.
  • Answer: peas are healthy for you because they improve your eyesight and they also keep you strong. mostly all green vegetables are healthy for you.


    they make you strong because they make your bones stronger, they also help you feel energized. Peas are excellent for joggers like me, or any one doing any sport really.
  • Answer: You need to go to the doctor immediately and tell him/her!!!
  • Answer: after you plant the seeds
  • Answer: Peas can grow anywhere in the US, but only during certain times of the year. They need cool temperatures, but they will die off with a frost. This means that fall and spring are the normal growing seasons for peas. However, in some parts of the US with mild winters, peas will grow during that time period as well. If you can protect peas from the first frost with a rowe cover, they can last as long as the temperature begins to rise again.
  • Answer: Vitamin K, C, B1, A, B6, B3 and B2.
  • Answer: From what I have learned today, you should get 13-17 quarts from a bushel.Check out these links:
  • Answer: its the recessive gene u idiot
  • Answer: Most of the peas in the world grow in Europe. There are many across Asia and South America. Not many grow in Africa but some countries in Africa are lucky to have peas growing there. There are also a few in the South of Australia and North America. but this is a pretty stuiped answer.
  • Answer: Peas are the seeds of the pea plant. They are produced in pods. Peaplants have leafs which are green but are not peas.
  • Answer: Lathyrus odoratus.
  • Answer: Peas are starchy [carbs ] and have natural sugars, but may be eaten in a moderate amount. About 1/4 cup as a side dish should be OK, but measure, please.
  • Answer: Going out getting drunk and having fun

    i would probably say!! he gotta feeling!! if you know what i mean.

Are chick peas the same as nuts?

  • no

    Yeah anyways what kind of questions was that did you mean ARE they nuts?

    Two whole different things. If they are called different things they are PROBABLY different

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