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Can black mold kill you?

  • Yes! It could kill you. Scientist discovered that Black Mold can really kill you!(minimum is 6 days...)

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  • Answer: Yes! It could kill you. Scientist discovered that Black Mold can really kill you!(minimum is 6 days...)
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    How do you kill black mold on outside patio?
  • Answer: yesWell...that is a bit simple on the answer. The real answer depends. As a general rule, mold will usually not kill you unless you have a severely weakened or destroyed immune system. Fungal infections are very common (athletes foot is a fungal infection).Mold CAN make you sick however. Your sensitivity to mold will vary depending on age, overall sensitivity to mold allergens and the type of mold involved. Symptoms can range from sinus irritation to general allergy symptoms to severe reactions.
  • Answer: Absolutely, the chemical composition of 409 kills mold and mold spores on contact, the only household item stronger than 409 at killing mold is bleach. Remember to wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment) including vinyl/latex gloves and face mask. Once mold is attacked the ENTIRE mold colony sends out spores the defend itself. So make sure the area is exhausted and all HVAC vents are closed beforehand. In the event you are an asthmatic or the mold colony is larger than 2 feet, call a professional.
  • Answer: Answer: Mold itself probably not. However the toxins caused by the mold will make you very sick, but it would have to be pretty extreme to be able to kill you.
  • Answer: You can use the spirit or Ammonia to kill the molds. Mold removal sessions can help you a lot doing these.
  • Answer: Black mold is mostly described as a slimy, greenish-black substance and can grows undetected on the inner side of drywall in homes
  • Answer: It depends on what kind of alchohol. But mostly, yes
  • Answer: Cold does not kill mold. Certain temperatures can stop the growth of mold, but not kill it.
  • Answer: best way is to use scarecrow.
  • Answer: Yes, it also can control certain insects as well
  • Answer: Yes, a concentrated solution should be able to kill mold. Bleach also is an excellent mold killer.
  • Answer: Get an algaecide from a pool shop describe exactly what it looks like and take a water sample with you to the shop.
  • Answer: YES! The bacteria and other chemicals will kill it.