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  • Answer: Its when a person eats a large quantity of food and gains a tremendous amount of laziness, fatigue and inability to function correctly
  • Answer: the best foods are pancakes with its fibre and other healthy foods i recommend that they will let you loose weight
  • Answer: Yes, the two are linked. When you become dehydrated, your blood volume decreases and blood flow to your organ slows down. This causes you to slow down in general and feel fatigued.
  • Answer: Resting. That is all.

    According to some people, low thyroid is a major cause of fatigue. The book "Solved the Riddle of Illness" is a good book about this and there are many others. Stress can also cause tiredness as you are basically getting burned out. Another source of tiredness is low potassium. Eating refined foods can actually use more vitamins and mineral to process them than they provide. One of the major deficiencies that cause muscle weakness and tiredness is potassium deficiency.
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    Always check with your doctor before changing your diet or taking any supplements.
  • Answer: Still working/moving/exercising when fatigued already.
    Also a number of illnesses and diseases and dehydration.

  • Answer: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disorder, or collection of symptoms,primarily characterized by extreme fatigue that persists for aperiod of at least six months. Other symptoms may include chronicpain, headaches, and IBS.
  • Answer: A "syndrome" medically speaking is a group of symptons that indicate the presence of a particular condition or illness. Since "fatigue" is a particular sympton, it would not be considered a syndrome in itself, but could be a part of many different syndromes. A flu syndrome, for instance, might include fatigue, chest pain, headache and non-productive cough, with high fever.
  • Answer: Normal stress on parts that occurs over time.
  • Answer: Profound means great, or very much so.
    Fatigue is dead tiredness.
    So profound fatigue is when you are just absolutely wiped out your so tired.
  • Answer: Muscle stretch could be the main reason for pain and fatigue in feet.
    Over workout could too causes pain in legs and fatigue.
    Lots of jogging can cause pain in legs too.
  • Answer: By making us interesting in work and try to do any interested thinks in frustrated state.
  • Answer: Fatigue affects performance through loss of speed, strength and diminished reaction time. The catastrophic outcome is an increase in injury potential for the player.
  • Answer: yes!!! i am 13 year old kid and i have chrohns disease . for several months severe fatigue ruined my GPA. Hope this helps :)
  • Answer: Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition in which the personaffected has extreme tiredness. They may also experience memoryissues, unexplained muscle pain, and unrefreshing sleep.

Fatigue may be caused by?

  • Depression

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