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  • Answer: The current Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200.
  • Answer: For an airplane to fly, it must always engage in a tug of war between the opposing forces of lift versus weight and thrust versus drag.
  • Answer: Basically, a magnetised needle on a pivot points towards the magnetic North of the World, based on the attraction of North and South magnets.
  • Answer: 1.The forces involved are arise in response to the action of an applied force.2.Discuss the interaction between an object and a surface it is resting on; the object pushes down on the surface; the surface pushes up on the object with an equal force; this is called the reaction of the surface.3.Discuss the interaction between two surfaces which slide (or tend to slide) relative to each other; each surface experiences a force in the direction which prevents (or tends to prevent) relative movement; this interaction is called friction.
  • Answer: The horizontal component of lift.
  • Answer: Humans are animals with consciousness (which dolphins, elephants, monkeys and apes may have to some degree or other). Humans also have oppositional thumbs, allowing for grasp and dexterity. Furthermore, humans have large cerebral cortical areas in their large brains. Combining all these factors gives humans a distinct (and very noticeable advantage) over all other animals.
  • Answer: Things that make you happy make you happy. And, you are happy if there is nothing to be sad over. If you are sad because something happened, then do something that you like and you will feel better.

    If you are in depression, you need to have more activities and communication. Go to gym or ride a bike or go to work.

    Happiness is a subjective experience, that depends greatly on individuals standards and beliefs.
  • Answer: Humans have a complex language and thumbs. Their language is the most complex language, because they use symbols and they communicate with them perfectly.
  • Answer: Ed Force One is a Boeing 757-200 operated by the British airline Astraeus converted into the specialised and eye-catching Iron Maiden travel plane.
  • Answer: Hydraulic psi applied to the brake pads, convert the vehicles Kinetic energy into (thermal energy)heat. That is why race cars have brakes that can generate more heat(vented thick steel or carbon fiber) and are lighter(less kinetic energy).
  • Answer: It looks live a plane it is a v60

What type of force makes it possible for humans being to breath?

  • Actually just by looking at the "respiration mechanism" we can understand the forces that can make it possible for us to breath .The most important foce is mechanical force which is done by the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm (mainly) and the intercostal muscles.

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