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  • Answer: It is best to use city water as well water could be dirty.Well water does have natural minerals though and I believe city water is recycled and has certain chemicals in it.(please do tell me if I am wrong though.)anyway I believe well water is better but you should have it tested (certain underground water has worse poisons)
  • Answer: No.

    You do not absorb enemas in general. You especially will not survive drinking, or doing anything esle with, sea water. You will get diarrhea and dehydrate even faster.

    How long you would last but if you are out in the sum in hot weather probably just 2 to 3 days. If you have shelter and it is not hot it would be longer.
  • Answer: The corrosive properties of water are not affected by its hardness. This is a common misconception that can be explained by the types of source water that yield naturally soft or naturally hard water. If your water is naturally soft, there is a good chance it is also corrosive due to other factors.

    Surface water sources that supply naturally soft water often have low (acidic) pH, low TDS (total dissolved solids), and high dissolved gas concentrations such as oxygen and CO2 that can contribute to corrosion. Naturally hard water often comes from a well and has higher pH, higher TDS, and lower dissolved gas concentrations. These correlations are due to the water source and are not caused by the hardness of the water.

    If your water has been softened using sodium cycle ion exchange in a water softener, the corrosive properties of your water are not affected. A water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions and replaces them with an equivalent amount of sodium ions. This process has no significant effect on the corrosive properties of the treated water.

    Removing hardness by reverse osmosis (RO) or deionization (DI) can significantly increase the corrosive properties of water because they both drastically decrease the dissolved solids in the water, and the latter can alter the pH. This sort of filtration is beyond the scope of the question.

    You still must maintain the correct pH and alkalinity levels in your pool, though your water softener will not affect these levels. Your local pool supply store can furnish you with the proper test kits and chemicals to accomplish this.
  • Answer: reverse Osmosis will remove all impurities from water but UV exposure will only kill bacteria in the water it will not remove impurities such as chlorine or other potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Answer: You have to be careful with bore water as the minerals in it may give you trouble The best thing to do is get a sample of the stuff assessed by a pool shop and find out if there is any problem with it and what to do about it if there is.
  • Answer: People typically used wells, rivers, and the Sea of Galilee forwater. Water was important because it was rare, but necessary forlife.
  • Answer: To keep you healthy and you will not be likely to get sick as much as you would without taking them and help you with your diet
  • Answer: Vitamins come from a variety of sources, including commonly consumed plant and animal products, as well as exposure to light, and bacteria in the gut. Some vitamins require complex interactions between many different systems in order to be produced. For example, an inactive form of vitamin D can be made in the liver or obtained in the diet, but it must be processed by ultraviolet light in the skin and then activated in the kidney to exert its effects.
  • Answer: You can buy vitamins at
  • Answer: Vitamins can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, meat, and most natural foods. Vitamins can also be added to foods -- usually referred to as, "fortified foods." Cereals, breads, and rice are a few of the foods that are fortified.
  • Answer: Vitamins help generate growth and development. Among other things they help with metabolic processes, especially energy transformation. They do this by helping to convert glucose to ATP during aerobic glycolysis.
  • Answer: You can get vitamins from pretty much anything, like certain foods. You can even get vitamin D from simply sitting in the sun. Just look for what vitamins the food contains under nutrition facts!
  • Answer: Vitamins are necessary to keep the body healthy. If you do not get enough vitamins, along with other nutrients, the body will not be healthy. For example, if you do not get enough Vitamin A, you can experience night blindness or go blind. Not getting sufficient amounts of other vitamins can cause other health issues.
  • Answer:
    Of course, a vitamin supplement has vitamins
    Many foods have vitamins in them.
    See link below

What are the water soulable vitamins?

  • Vitamins C and B complex (i.e. niacin, riboflavin, etc.). Water soluble vitamins are excreted from the body, so they must be replenished daily.

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