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  • Answer: If it does not match, than it is not that persons child.... adoption... or carrying another womans eggs

    On very RARE occasions a person can be chimeric... and they "Are there own twin"
    Basically they contain the cells, and therefor DNA for 2 different people... if the DNA making up the uterus and ovaries is not the same as the DNA used for testing, as it usually is not, then the results will show that the mother is not the mother.
  • Answer: yes, they should so they can earn more money
  • Answer: You were born of a woman, the one who carried you through gestation. You may be the biological child of that woman or of another woman. It could be argued that either is your mother. Additionally, in marriages or permanent relationships between two women, if they have a child, the child could be said to have two mothers. And it is possible that either or neither(!) woman carried or is a biological parent of the child. Only that they are legally adoptive parents.
  • Answer: Algernon in the play "Importance of being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde
  • Answer: He is your god brother.
  • Answer: The question as to whether mothers should work is one each mothershould evaluate personally. Because child care is so expensive itis sometimes cheaper for a mom to stay home rather then work.
  • Answer: Jacquelyn Hatch
  • Answer: sometimes theve had a long day after there job and they need to rest ,,, its just like once it turns Friday your tired and its been a long day and your tired
  • Answer: You´re probably referring to the Argentinian group of mothers that has for decades been demanding full disclosure of what exactly has happened to their children who the Argentinian Junta had disappear during the dictatorship period of the late 1970s. If older, most of them were killed, often by throwing them out of cargo airplanes over the Atlantic ocean.

    If very young, many children of suspected left-wing citizens disappeared by being given up for adoption to Junta-supporting families.

    Even 30 years on, the Mothers´movement is still very active.
  • Answer: There are laws about malnutrition, some of them are in the Universal Declaration on the eradication of hunger and malnutrition. To summarize them they are that everyone has the right to not be hungry, to cultivate, and to have food. If you want them all just go to that document, type it up on google, remember this document is from the UN.
  • Answer: "Lack of vitamins and minerals will cause malnutrition "

How mothers can prevent malnutrition?

  • By eating well and taking prenatal vitamins if they are pregnant, and making sure their children eat nutritious meals.

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  • Answer: By eating well and taking prenatal vitamins if they are pregnant, and making sure their children eat nutritious meals.
  • Answer: Eating a balanced diet... But on third world countries it is hard to do that because of poverty...
  • Answer: In such conditions, the enzymes for the digestion ,protein absorption and transport system are less active, feeding these children wiht high quantity of protein or good quality of protein would be harmful. So it should be carefully noted for treating such patients.

    Their diet should be gradually increased with the protein to aloww their body sufficient time to develop metabolic pathways.

    These children can be provided with prediested protein for a proper benefit.
  • Answer: Eat foods in all of the recommended food groups. For more info. contact the American Dietetic Association.
  • Answer: Moringa Oleifera is being promoted by many humanitarian organizations working in Africa. It is an indigenious plant that is considered the most nutrious plant discovered to date, with over 90 nutrients identified so far. It is being given to malnourished mothers (helps increase milk supply) and babies, with results being seen in weeks rather than months. Moringa is high in beta-carotene (vitamin A) and is used by the International Eye Foundation, to combat childhood blindness around the world. Moringa seeds can be ground into powder and used to purify dirty water. For more information, search on Moringa.

  • Answer: Erythroblastosis fetalis (hemolytic disease of the newborn). A first-born child will not usually suffer harmful effects, however subsequent babies will be affected.
  • Answer: Malnutrition is when you are not getting enough nutrients into your body.
  • Answer: Immediate causes would include lack of vitamins, nutrients andminerals from food and suplements, severe dehydration, famine orhunger especially among children and elderly.
  • Answer: night blindness
  • Answer: Malnutrition, the result of a lack of essential nutrients, resulting in poorer health, may be caused by a number of conditions or circumstances. In many developing countries long-term (chronic) malnutrition is widespread - simply because people do not have enough food to eat.

    In more wealthy industrialized nations malnutrition is usually caused by:
    Poor diet ,Mental health problems ,Mobility problems ,Digestive disorders and stomach conditions ,Alcoholism;
    In poorer, developing nations malnutrition is commonly caused by:
    Food shortages ,Food prices and food distribution ,Lack of breastfeeding.

    (Note:Due to the lack of space,I was not able to describe the various causes;but,nevertheless,you can check these on Google)
  • Answer: Malnutrition is caused by a lack of nutrients to the body,or aninadequate diet. Another cause is starvation, which is lack of foodto the body.
  • Answer: A lack of nutrients
  • Answer: not being supplied with the right vitamins/minerals, carbs, protein etc for a healthy lifestyle -- examplis gratias: not being given enough food
  • Answer: You never know... only God does.