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How long does take for sciatica nerve damage to heel?

  • When pregnancy is over because the enlarging fetus continously pressing on this nerve.

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  • Answer: When pregnancy is over because the enlarging fetus continously pressing on this nerve.
  • Answer: Nerve cells are different from other cells. In other cells they have a cell wall cell membrane nucleus lisozomes etc. but nerve cells dont have the information nor the ability to heal as well as normal cells do. it all depends on the extent of the damage
  • Answer: The sciatic nerve is a large nerver running down into your leg. It is a fairly thick nerve and contains pain receptors as part of the bundle. Often times the nerve will become pinched either between your muscles or between muscle and bone, or in a few cases bone and bone; these are all known as sciatica. Since it provides sensation to your entire leg you will feel the pain from it throughout your entire leg. The intensity of pain is caused because it is an actual nerve being pinched as opposed to just a single receptor. Many people will go to massage therapists, reflexologists, or chiropractors to correct sciatica.
  • Answer: A Danish study looked at 44 consecutive patients who experiencedsudden low back pain after bending forward and turning.Examinations by orthopedic surgeons revealed no pathology and adiagnosis of acute sciatica was given in all cases.All 44 patients received chiropractic care, either in theorthopedic department of the hospital or in private chiropracticclinics. Chiropractic care reduced average sick leave bytwo thirds when compared with previous patients who onlyreceived conventional medical treatment.
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  • Answer: Nerve damage is very bad, and often fatal. It is the leading cause of heart disease & stroke.
  • Answer: it feels as if you were in a very tight, giant sock.
  • Answer: Cymbalta is an antidepressant and is also use for pain management and nerve damage.
  • Answer: Often loss of blood flow due to either injury or disease can cause damage.
  • Answer: If you are the recipient of a blood draw, there are nerves and others structures around the areas of the veins. It is possible for someone to insert a needle into these areas and do damage which may result in permanent injury.
  • Answer: There is a large series of muscles that rotate the eye. The mainnerve involved is the optic nerve and could possibly keep the eyefrom rotating
  • Answer: No thank you. The end. Thank you.

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  • Answer: Are you trying to heal or inflict nerve damage?
  • Answer: The vagus nerve runs throughout the body and is responsible for thefunctioning of various bodily systems including the heart anddigestive tract. Symptoms of vagus nerve damage include digestiveproblems, loss of hearing, fainting, pain and difficultyswallowing.