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What is the cost of appendicitus surgery?

  • Free if you have a medicare card and you go to a public hospital.

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  • Answer: Free if you have a medicare card and you go to a public hospital.
  • Answer: Ensure that you take plenty of fluids and your diet include a higher than normal level of fibre, to ensure your stool is softened.
    Use laxative, sparingly, if necessary and anti-inflammatory painkiller, for example iboprofen.
    Bathe the affected area twice daily with a weak saline solution.
    If it doesnt settle down after a few days return to see your medical practioner.
  • Answer: Well if it costs too much ask dem 2 lower da price down
  • Answer: It will cost anywhere from $27 000 to $35 000, and that is only for a broken hip bone. Other forms of compications can cost up to $580 000
  • Answer: The average cost of an ACL surgery is around $2,000 with insurance.For the uninsured, it costs upwards of $35,000.
  • Answer: how much does orchiectomy surgery cost
  • Answer: The cost of any Surgery will depend upon the Hospital involved, the country you live in and the Surgeon who is performing the procedure. Best option is to check with the local Hospital
  • Answer: My surgery was performed on June 1, 2008. The procedure was done with local anesthesia in the doctors office, and lasted about one hour. It cost me $1,500 for the surgery and all follow-ups (one more left, in Feb. 2009). Prescription costs were separate (an anti-inflamatory and pain medication)
  • Answer: The Cost of Prostate Enlargement Surgeries Worldwide (Source:PlacidWay Medical Tourism)

    The average cost of a TURP procedure in the United States isroughly between $5,000 and $6,000, (without including urologist andanesthesiologist fees). For those men who are traveling abroad forTURP - to India, the procedure can cost around $3,000, whiletrained and certified urologists in Thailand, Costa Rica or Croatiacharge an average of around $3,500. In Mexico TURP prices is around$2,800.

    The cost of prostatectomy procedures will depend on the type ofsurgical approach. USA prices of radical prostatectomy may be asmuch as $10,000, though cost may vary depending on geographicallocation. Robotic technologies such as da Vinci may cost up to$24,000. However, medical travelers to Mexico, Thailand or Indiamay save up to 50% of costs, paying an average of $4,000 for non-robotic prostate removal, while patients in Turkey may payapproximately $6,000 for the same procedure.

    The cost of HoLEP can be significantly higher compared to TURP,averaging just over $11,000 depending on the location of thefacility. Because the treatment is not yet mainstream, a handful offacilities around the world perform the procedure.
  • Answer: between $500 and $1000.
  • Answer: It could cost around $5,000-$10,000
  • Answer: A facelift surgery in Argentina costs approximately $10,000. InCanada, the same surgery costs about $50,000.
  • Answer: In the UK gastric bypass surgery can be obtained privately for around £ 10,000. This would include aftercare from the Surgeon too