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  • Answer: lorazepam. which is an anxiety drug, it can also be injected but usually a tablet or liquid medicine. divial is just a brand name, hope i helped.
  • Answer: There are many sleeping tablets available to buy and one that isquite popular is called Zopiclone. It is known for itseffectiveness in treating insomnia and is known to induce sleepquickly. This helps you to sleep throughout the night withoutinterruption. It works best for treating short term sleep problemsand must not be used as a long term solution. This is because it isa hypnotic sleeping tablet and can become habit forming. Hence whenyou buy sleeping tablets do not place an order in largequantities.
  • Answer: its antipsycotic as well as prokinetic medicines
  • Answer: home or back buttons. if its frozen good luck trying 2 get those bloody batteries out **)
  • Answer: 1) Plug it in (also install drivers/CD included)
    2) Open a program that is compatible such as Photoshop
    3) Draw using the brush tool
    4) Use your finger and navigate
    5) Use gestures and control the computer
  • Answer: Cheapest tablets in world are
    1. Aakash Tablet
    2. BSNL tablet

    To pre-book your Aakash/UbiSlate7+ : (Rs 2,999$59.61)

    To pre-book your Penta TPAD IS701R : (Rs 3,250$64.60)

  • Answer: Go to a store where you can dispose electronic items. Ex: Whole Foods
  • Answer: The Thinkpad X41 is a great tablet computer for everyday needs. It features a 12 inch screen for easy viewing. It can be purchased at various stores such as Future Shop as well as Best Buy. One could also order it directly from the Lenovo website as well as from Amazon.
  • Answer: All tablets are dangerous, when you have too many of them.
  • Answer: This is Bentyl and is prescribed for abdominal cramping caused from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other Bowel problems.
  • Answer: One can buy a d2 Tablet PC with accessories from major retailers such as Best Buy or any other electronics stores. You can also find great deals on Amazon or Ebay.
  • Answer: "You can purchase the Apple tablet PC from any apple store or even from their website. Also electronic stores such as, Best Buy and Future Shop also sell Apple tablets."
  • Answer: I am guessing you mean indigestion? In that case, I have always favored the Diovol brand. Or something stronger would be Zantac. But as with all meds, read the label to be sure it is right for you.

What is a SZ 213 tablet?

  • It is Losartan Potassium 50 mg. High Blood Pressure medication

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  • Answer: Yeah its a really good make and very worth the money. I have a tablet from archos they can store all your apps media and photos.. Even more. You can browse the web and go on social networking sites. Mine is very good and fun to use.
  • Answer: Technically speaking, a sublingual tablet would be placedunder the tongue to dissolve. An orodispersible tabletwould simply be placed on the tongue to dissolve.
  • Answer: Want to find a best tablet accessories manufacturer? You must mean the Ningbo Cooskin Stationery Co. Ltd. "Cooskin" is their registered brand. Which specialized in tablet accessories and laptop accessories for so many years.

    And this company is also a best tablet accessories supplier,we also cooperate with it for long time. If you want to wholesale tablet accessories, Cooskin must be your best partner. You can search their company in google if you want to know more information. Hope this can help you!
  • Answer: IBM tablets are available at any local electronics store. They may also be available on the websites for those electronics stores. Another option is an online merchant, such as eBay and kijiji.
  • Answer: put it in your mouth
    swallow with water
  • Answer: It is Losartan Potassium 50 mg. High Blood Pressure medication
  • Answer: yOU CAN BUY HERE
  • Answer: As of July 2013, a person can buy a Le Pan tablet from Amazon. The cost will vary depending on the model. All models will come equipped with an Android operating system.
  • Answer: Go to any of these stores or just buy online:
    Home depot
    Office Depot
    Tiger Direct
  • Answer: That would have to be the new blackberry tablet, or the Ipad 2, only thing with Ipad 2 is... If you like to go on Facebook they do not have a Facebook app for it. which means you would have to go on Facebook using the web browser on the Ipad.

    I think Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 is the best I have ever saw and you can consider it as a best game tablet ,too.
  • Answer: The wax-coated tablets made of wood replaced the earlier chiselingof writing on stone or inscribing bronze tablets. It was a morepractical system. It was also an alternative to writing on papyrusbecause this material was more fragile and water damaged it. Towrite on these tablets the Romans used a lead stylus with a pointedend. The soft led left a mark. The wax coating made it possible toerase the writing. For erasing a straight-edged spatula-likeimplement was placed on the other end of the stylus. It was used ina razor-like way. The use of wax-coated wooden tablets decreasedwhen the Romans developed the bound book which was made ofparchment.
  • Answer: Maxeron has three areas of activity.

    1) Maxeron restores normal gastro-intestinal motility in patients with impaired functioning.
    2) Maxeron prevents nausea and vomiting of local origin by decreasing the sensitivity of the visceral nerves involved
    3) Maxeron prevents nausea and vomiting of central origin by decreasing the sensitivity of chemoreceptor trigger zone.