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Who do psychologists work with?

  • they work with children or adults that are worried about somthing.

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  • Answer: they work with children or adults that are worried about somthing.
  • Answer: The job outlook is pretty good for this line of work. There will still be people with issues and problems. As the population grows, there will be even more troubled people or people who seek marriage counseling.
  • Answer: Do the hardest problems first. Eat healthy snacks. Work for 45 minutes and then take a break (for adults). Children may work for 15-20 minutes with breaks. Use study aids that work with you learning preferences. Visual supports for visual learners ect.
  • Answer: Psychologists will look for signs of mental illness in theirpatients. This would include looking for depressive or manicbehavior, along with the patient reporting delusions orhallucinations.
  • Answer: A physicist studies cellular activities a psychologist deals with how people interact emotionally with those around him. Two entirely different sciences.
  • Answer: Psychology students have actually a long list of majors to take. With the recent changes in the society today, it has branched out into different sections. However, here is a list of commonly known Psychology Majors that the student can take:

    1. Experimental and Developmental Psychology
    2. Social Psychology
    3. Biopsychology
    4. Cognitive Psychology
    5. Applied Psychology
    6. Sports and Psychology
    7. Psychology and Law
    8. Behavioral Medicine

    Under every Major branches out different specific sections and ideals. Example, for Applied Psychology, there exist Clinical, Counseling, School, Organization and Industrial Pscyholog.
  • Answer: In some states, Louisiana and New Mexico, some Psychologists can prescribe medications however these professionals have not been to medical school. The military in the US may allow psychologists to prescribe as well. Otherwise, psychiatrists (either MD or DO) would prescribe medications usually, while the psychologist would usually focus on talk therapy.
  • Answer: Yes, but they cannot prescribe medication.
  • Answer: Compassion, intuitiveness, empathy, self-awareness, communicationskills, and a degree are did fundamental characteristics of apsychologist.
  • Answer: they are not....... different education. One has a medical degree
  • Answer: Approximately 190,000.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, Psychologists

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  • Answer: NO. Only a psychiatrist may prescribe medication in the state of NJ. Because a psychiatrist is labeled as an M.D. whereas a psychologist is not. There are only a few states that allow psychologists to prescribe medication, and NJ is not one of them. Although, many believe there is a great chance this law will eventually change, not only for the state of NJ, but for most if not every state.
  • Answer: Sports psychologists can generally expect to make anywhere from$41,200 to $119,940 per year, as of 2010, according to the Bureauof Labor Statistics.